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Course Materials

You will want to create a syllabus for your class showing meeting dates, assignments, and particularly course rules/expectations you plan to enforce. Each professor’s syllabus is different, some more detailed and some less.

A sample syllabus template can be found here.

Advance Assignments
If you will be assigning work for your students to complete before the first day of class, please e-mail the advance assignment at least two weeks in advance to the Registrar and they will ensure it is posted online.

Information to include:

To confirm that your assignment has been posted for student access, check this page:

Ordering Course Materials
To request desk or review copies of textbooks in the area of law that you teach, contact Faculty Support or 303-871-6015.

If you would like to research current books available, you can access the publisher web sites listed below. If you find a book title that you would like to have ordered for you, please contact the faculty support staff team.


Foundation Press


Aspen Law


Carolina Academic

To have an order placed for textbooks for your students, see instructions below.

Ordering Textbooks
We have a textbook buyer that we work with through the DU Bookstore. When you have decided which textbook(s) your students will need for your class, contact the Academic Affairs Coordinator Megan Mall at or 303-871-6580 to place your order He will work in coordination with the campus bookstore to ensure an adequate number of copies are available for students before classes begin. He will have access to our enrollment database and will be able to determine the number of books to order. Given that the more information you have the better, please try to supply the author, title, ISBN, and publisher if possible.

Tentative Textbook Deadlines (subject to change)
Fall: June 21st
Spring: October 30th
Summer: April 1st

University of Denver Bookstore
Thank you for your continued support of your campus bookstore as your primary source for course materials. Directing your students to your campus bookstore for their course materials benefits the entire DU community. If you have any questions regarding the process of these, please do not hesitate to contact your textbook buyer.

Preparing a Course Pack
You may elect to prepare a course pack in lieu of having your students purchase a textbook. A printable copy should be delivered to Doug Russell

If there are any concerns regarding your submittal, Doug will contact you directly. Once this process is completed, it will be delivered to the University Copy Center for printing the appropriate number of copies. Your students will be able to purchase the Course Pack from the Bookstore Shelves. Please submit your printable copy at least 6 weeks in advance of the start of your class.

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