Corporate Governance

Empirical Studies

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14a-8 Proxy Appeal Data 2000-2015



The AIG Rescue, Its Impact on Markets, and the Government’s Exit Strategy, Congressional Oversight Panel, June 10, 2010

Aren Sharifi, Rule 14a-8(i)(10): How Substantial is “Substantially” Implemented in the Context of Social Policy Proposals? (2016)



Charles A. Dice, April 2007 Study: Has N.Y. Become Less Competitive in Global Markets?: Evaluating Foreign Listing Choices Over Time, (Ctr. for Research in Fin. Econ. 2007). »

Commission on the Regulation of US Capital Markets in the 21st Century Full »

Committee on Capital Mkts. Regulation, Interim Report of the Committee on Capital Mkts. Regulation: Study Examining Possible Decreases in the Competitiveness of U.S. Capital Mkts (U.S. Doc. 2006). »

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The Firing of an SEC Attorney & the Investigation of Pequot Capital Management: Hearing before the Committee on Finance, 110th Cong. 1st Sess. 110-28 (2007). »

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Julian Ellis, The Common Practice of Bundling: Fact or Fiction? (Apr. 2014) (empirical study on bundling practices of public company proxy statements).

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Lincoln Puffer, Proxy Cards and the Requirements of Clarity and Impartiality in Titling Proposals (Apr. 2014) (empirical study on Fortune 100 proxy statements).

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Michale Bloomberg & Chuck Schumer, Sustaining N.Y.‘s & the U.S.‘s Global Fin. Serv. Leadership (U.S. Doc. 2007). »

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The President’s Working Group on Fin. Mkts, Policy Statement on Fin. Mkt. Dev. (U.S. Doc. 2008). »

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Rule 14a-8: SEC Staff Granting Seven-Day Extension Since 1998

Rule 14a-8 and the Exclusion of Proposals that Violate the Law: Summary of 2015 – 2013 Cases Allowing or Excluding on the Basis of Subsection (i)(2)

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Exec. Summary of the Comm’n on the Regulation of U.S. Capital Mkts. In the 21st Cent.: Report & Recommendations (U.S. Doc. 2007). »

U.S. Gov’t Accountability Office, Financial Restatements (U.S. Doc. 2007). »

U.S. Gov’t Accountability Office, Report on Corporate Shareholder Meetings (U.S. Doc. 2007). »

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