The Sturm College of Law (SCOL) supports the fair use of copyrighted materials in furtherance of the academic and research missions of the SCOL. In order to assist with these goals, the University of Denver provides guidelines regarding intellectual property rights, copyright, and related matters. These guidelines are located at

In order to assist its faculty, staff, and students in complying with copyright law when copyrighted materials are being used for teaching or research, the SCOL provides a detailed list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding copyright law and compliance. In conjunction with these frequently asked questions, the SCOL provides a Checklist for Fair Use Analysis that can be utilized to assess whether or not the use of copyrighted materials meets the fair use requirements.

United States copyright law contains many gray areas and the goal of this site is to provide useful information to faculty, staff, and students of the SCOL regarding complex copyright issues. The information provided discusses copyright in general, fair use, classroom photocopying, posting to course management systems, and the usage of course packs.

The information and materials provided on this site serve only as practical advice regarding copyright-related matters. This site is not intended to provide legal advice about copyright and proper legal advice should be obtained when necessary.


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