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Children’s Rights

Human Rights

  • Human Rights Jobs »
  • Idealist »
  • IGC Internet’s Progressive Gateway »
  • Amnesty International »
    Amnesty International’s Ralph J. Bunche Human Rights Fellowship seeks to develop human rights leaders in communities of color in the United States. The Fellowship provides training and experience in international human rights advocacy to activists who are interested in the field of international human rights and focuses on building the competencies of activists in the core areas of international human rights advocacy, including research, action mobilization, campaigns, and media communications. The Fellowship also aims to connect Amnesty’s mission and work with international issues that are related and relevant to communities of color in the U. S.
  • Carr Center for Human Rights Policy »
    The Carr Center Fellowship is a general fellowship opportunity intended to support a wide range of research and scholarship associated with human rights issues.
  • Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute »
    The Human Rights LL.M. Fellowship Program was established by Columbia Law School and the Human Rights Institute to support students at Columbia Law School’s Master of Law (LL.M.) degree program. The successful Human Rights LL.M. Fellowship applicant is committed to human rights scholarship and/or advocacy and intends to work in the human rights field following completion of the program. Human Rights Fellows receive funding towards tuition, room, and board for the LL.M. program at Columbia Law School.
  • Georgetown Law Center »
    Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Legal Studies will offer one lawyer a two-year teaching fellowship (July 2010 – June 2012). The fellowship provides a unique opportunity to learn how to teach law in a clinical setting. Fellows and faculty members at the Center work as colleagues, sharing responsibilities for designing and teaching classes, selecting students for the Clinic, supervising law students in their representation of clients, grading, and all other matters.
  • Harvard Law School »
    The Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program supervises law students in the direct representation of non-citizens applying for U.S. asylum and related protections. The Program also provides representation in cases involving family reunification, protection of domestic violence and crime survivors, and avoidance of forced removal in immigration proceedings. In addition, the Program is active in appellate and policy advocacy on local, national and international levels.
  • Human Rights First »
    Human Rights First was founded in 1978 to promote laws and policies that advance universal rights and freedoms. The Refugee Protection program at Human Rights First is seeks candidates to apply for an Equal Justice Works Fellowship. The selected candidate will work with Human Rights First to design the specific project, which will then be submitted to Equal Justice Works for its consideration. The project will be aimed at promoting legal access and fair process for detained and other refugees seeking asylum in the United States.
  • Human Rights Watch »
    Fellows selected as Alan R. and Barbara D. Finberg Fellows work full-time for one year with Human Rights Watch in New York, Washington, D.C., or London. Fellows monitor human rights developments in various countries, conduct on-site investigations, draft reports on human rights conditions, and engage in advocacy aimed at publicizing and curtailing human rights violations.
  • Leitner Center for International Law and Justice – James E. Tolan Fellowship in International Human Rights »
    The Tolan Fellowship is a post-graduate Fellowship that will fund a Fordham Law School in New York City graduate to work for an international human rights organization for one year.
  • Leitner Center for International Law and Justice Rule of Law in Asia Fellowship »
    The Rule of Law in Asia (ROLA) Program works to study and promote the rule of law and adherence to basic human rights throughout Asia, including in China, Malaysia, North Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and elsewhere. The ROLA Program is administered by a Fellow who is a law school graduate. The Fellow will conduct research and advocacy for the Program; identify new areas for research; work with the Program’s partners; advise students seeking relevant internships and post-graduate employment; coordinate the work of the Committee to Support Chinese Lawyers (, an initiative housed in the Program; and manage day-to-day administration, including arranging events and lectures. The Fellow may also teach a seminar at the Law School as a member of the adjunct faculty.
  • Humanity in Action »
    HIA Fellowship Programs in Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and the United States provide the initial foundation for participation in HIA and the basis for highly effective individual and collaborative action. The content of the fellowship programs reflects the specific histories and present challenges of each host country. All programs focus on histories and theories of resistance to legal and institutional abuse of minority populations and the development of international human rights institutions and doctrines after World War II and the Holocaust.
  • International Justice Mission »

Environmental Resources (Colorado)

  • WildEarth Guardians »
    Western based environmental protection NGO specializing in endangered species protection and fighting against coal fired power plants.
  • Center for Native Ecosystems »
    Denver based organization which serves as a passionate defender of the native biological diversity of the Greater Southern Rockies and works to prevent extinction of wildlife.
  • Alliance for Sustainable Colorado »
    Alliance for Sustainable Colorado advances sustainability through collaboration among nonprofits, business, government and education.
  • Environmental Defense Fund »
    Environmental Defense Fund is an international organization for policymakers and business leaders which focuses on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches.
  • Earthjustice »
    Earthjustice is an independent, non-profit law firm to serve the growing environmental movement. Formerly the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Earthjustice now has nine regional offices across the country, and pursues more public interest environmental litigation than any other organization in the country.
  • Western Environmental Law Center »
    The Western Environmental Law Center is a public interest law firm that uses the power of the law to defend and protect the American West’s landscapes, iconic wildlife and rural communities.
  • GroundWork Denver »
    Nonprofit organization focused on building partnerships and providing support to the diversity of Denver residents who want to improve their neighborhoods through community involvement and civic engagement.
  • American Council of the Blind of Colorado »
    Organziation that works to improve the social, economic and cultural life of the blind or visually impaired of Colorado, and to simulate, encourage, and assist the blind or visually impaired of this state to become active, productive, and responsible members of the community.
  • American Rivers »
    American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization that develops and advocates for policies and practices at local, state and federal levels to achieve the goal of healthy rivers.
  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education »
    Nonprofit organization that uses thought leadership and essential knowledge resources; outstanding opportunities for professional development; and a unique framework for demonstrating the value and competitive edge created by sustainability initiatives.
  • Bike Denver »
    BikeDenver advocates for better policies and infrastructure to support increased bicycling in Denver
  • Colorado Common Cause »
    Colorado Common Cause is a non-profit organization fighting for open government.
  • Colorado Consumer Health Initiative »
    The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is a statewide, consensus-based membership organization comprised of over 200 organizational and individual health care consumer advocates, forming a unified voice for consumers in Colorado’s health care reform debate.
  • Colorado Environmental Coalition »
    Coalition mobilizes scores of organizations and hundreds of individuals for environmental activism.
  • Colorado Public Interest Research Group »
    Organization that works to win concrete results for our health and our well-being by standing up to powerful special interests on issues to stop identity theft, fight political corruption, provide safe and affordable prescription drugs, and strengthen voting rights.
  • Community Shares of Colorado »
    Nonprofit organization that inspires philanthropy and raises funds and awareness for our 115 member nonprofits.
  • eGo CarShare »
    eGo CarShare provides access to a network of energy-efficient vehicles throughout Denver and Boulder, allowing members to pay per trip without the commitment of owning a car.
  • Environment Colorado »
    Statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization which combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win results for Colorado’s environment.
  • Fund for Public Interest Research »
    Fund For The Public Interest is a national nonprofit organization working to increase the visibility, membership and political power of the nation’s leading environmental and progressive groups.
  • Guide to Green Careers »
  • Green America »
    Nonprofit organization whose mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.
  • International Society for Landcare Emissions »
    This organization works with public and private organizations to measure and reduce their environmental and social impact on urban landscapes.
  • National Parks Conservation Association »
  • Orton Family Foundation »
    Founation that helps small cities and towns harness the inherent ability of citizens to imagine and achieve a better future for themselves and their community.
  • Pardes & Jovenes Unidos »
    A Multi-issue organization led by people of color who work for educational excellence, racial justice for youth, immigrant rights and quality healthcare.
  • PlaceMatters »
    Nonprofit organization that supports the creation and maintenance of sustainable, vibrant communities through improving decision-making.
  • Fair Share Alliance »
    Organziation that works to provide voter advocacy.
  • ProgressNow Colorado »
    Organization whose mission is to build and empower a permanent progressive majority, challenge and correct right-wing misinformation, and hold public leaders accountable.
  • Revision International »
    Nonprofit organization to educate, inspire, empower, and connect individuals and communities to achieve transformational change through locally created, scalable models that lead to global sustainability.
  • Rocky Mountain Wild »
    Organziation that works to protect wild lands for wildlife iin the Rocky Mountain West.
  • Sierra Club »
    Organization dedicated to working to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself.
  • The Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophillia Foundation »
    Organziation that provides educational, fun and exciting programs for the bleeding disorder community.
  • Trout Unlimited »
    Organization that conservation, protection and the restoration of North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds
  • Work for Progress »

Environmental Resources (National)

  • Environmental Career Opportunities »
    Username and password for this website is available on the Password Protected Document »
  • Equal Justice Works »
    Username and password for this website is available on the Password Protected Document »
    EJW sponsors the only national public interest Career Fair (held every October in Washington, D.C.), offers attorney fellowships (create your own and others initiated by the sponsoring employer) and summer stipends for students working in qualified non-paying public interest jobs over the summer. EJW was formerly called NAPIL, the National Association for Public Interest Law.
  • Essential Information »
  • Foundation Center Online »
  • Federal Employment for People with Disabilities »
  • Good Works »
  • Heritage Research Center, Ltd. »
    Click on “Resources” for an exhaustive list of public interest web sites for wide variety of public interest areas and organizations.
  • Center for International Environmental Law »
    The Center for International Environmental Law (Washington DC) is pleased to offer the Louis B. Sohn Fellowship in Human Rights and Environment. The Fellowship commenced in 2004 and recognizes a recent law graduate working in the area of human rights and the environment. In particular, we are looking for emergent leaders in the field of human rights and the environment that have had significant on the ground experience working on human rights issues. The Sohn Fellow works at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) in our Human Rights and Environment Program.
  • Echoing Green Fellowship Program »
    To accelerate social change, Echoing Green (New York, NY) invests in and supports outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs to launch new organizations that deliver bold, high-impact solutions. Through a two-year fellowship program, we help our network of visionaries develop new solutions to society’s most difficult problems. These social entrepreneurs and their organizations work to solve deeply-rooted social, environmental, economic, and political inequities to ensure equal access and to help all individuals reach their potential.
  • Environmental Law Institute »
    ELI’s International Programs (Washington DC) seek to restore, manage, and conserve the natural systems upon which people and the planet depend. Global sustainable development requires attention to environmental, developmental, and social priorities. As part of ELI’s mission to foster and empower a new generation of environmental professionals abroad, the Visiting Scholars Program brings promising young environmental lawyers, economists, and scientists from other countries to ELI to collaborate with our staff in Washington. Individual scholars are typically in residence at the Institute for periods of one to three months, with some staying for a year or more. The Scholars work on independent projects — often focusing on environmental challenges in their home countries — as well as Institute projects and programs in their regions and the US. Prior Scholars have worked on projects ranging from identifying legal tools for promoting pollution prevention in key mining countries in the Americas to examining how African constitutional law can be used to promote environmental protection.


  • Lawyers Without Borders »
  • United Nations Systems »
  • National Conference of State Legislatures »
    A bipartisan organization that serves legislatures throughout the country. The NCSL has a Denver office.
  • National Fair Housing Advocate Online »
  • National Organizers Alliance »
  • Center for International Sustainable Development Law »
    CISDL Research Fellowships are awarded through a competitive selection process. Legal scholars, lawyers and others with a deep interest in sustainable development law research, debate and implementation from any region of the world are invited to apply.
  • Alexander van Humboldt Foundation »
    The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was established in Berlin 18 months after the death of Alexander von Humboldt in 1860. It provided support for German scientists setting off on research journeys to other countries. After the collapse of the Third Reich in 1945, the Foundation ceased functioning. The Foundation was re-established by the Federal Republic of Germany on 10 December 1953 at the behest of former Humboldt guest researchers. Every year, the Humboldt Foundation enables more than 1800 researchers from all over the world to spend time researching in Germany. The Foundation maintains a network of some 23,000 Humboldtians from all disciplines in 130 countries worldwide – including 41 Nobel Prize winners.
  • Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law »
    Max Plank Society Research Scholarships are typically granted for a period of between two and four months. Preference will be given to those researchers whose work promote and advance the goals of the research program and the research focuses of the Institute. Of special interest to the Department of Criminal Law1 are research projects concerning comparative law, European criminal law, international criminal law, economic crime, terrorism, organized crime, and information law. Of interest to the Department of Criminology are topics covering criminal sanctions, dangerous offenders, empirical research on criminal procedure, organized crime, terrorism and domestic security, victimization, social change, changes in life circumstances, crime and crime control.
  • Open Society Institute »
    The Open Society Fellowship supports individuals seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to fundamental open society challenges. Among OSI’s core areas of concern are human rights, government transparency, the promotion of civil society and social inclusion. Project themes should cut across these areas of interest.
  • U.S. Department of Justice Bristow Fellowship Program »
    The Office of the Solicitor General of the United States is interested in receiving applications for its program of one-year Bristow Fellowships in the Solicitor General’s Office. Bristow Fellows help draft briefs in opposition to certiorari filed against the government in the Supreme Court of the United States and prepare recommendations to the Solicitor General regarding authorization of government appeals in the lower courts. The Fellows also assist staff lawyers in preparing petitions for certiorari and briefs on the merits in Supreme Court cases, work on special projects, and assist the Solicitor General and other lawyers in the office in the preparation of oral arguments in the Supreme Court. In recent years, four Bristow have been selected each year.
  • American Society of International Law Arthur C. Helton Fellowship »
    Funded in part by contributions from ASIL members, Helton Fellowships provide financial assistance in the form of “micro-grants” for law students and young professionals to pursue field work and research on significant issues involving international law, human rights, humanitarian affairs, and related areas.
  • Fulbright Scholars Program »
    The Fulbright Program, the U.S. government’s flagship program in international educational exchange. Fulbright grants are made to U.S. citizens for a variety of educational activities, primarily university lecturing, advanced research, and graduate study. The term “Fulbright Program” encompasses a variety of exchange programs, including both individual and institutional grants.
  • Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe Fellowship on the Law of the Sea »
    The fellowship is intended, primarily, for Government officials as well as research fellows or lecturers who are involved in ocean law or maritime affairs, or related disciplines, either in Governments or agencies or educational institutions and bodies.
  • Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars »
    The Center (Washington DC) awards approximately 20-25 residential fellowships annually to individuals with outstanding project proposals in a broad range of the social sciences and humanities on national and/or international issues. Topics and scholarship should relate to key public policy challenges or provide the historical and/or cultural framework to illuminate policy issues of contemporary importance.
  • The American Society of International Law »
  • Canada’s Access to Justice Network »
  • Center for International Legal Studies »
  • EscapeArtist »
  • Europages – European Business Directory »
  • Go Jobsite »
  • International Career Employment Center »
  • International Civil Service Commission »
  • Overseas Jobs »
  • The World Bank Group »

Native American

University Resources



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