Law: Venture Law Society Board Elections

March 12

8:00am - 12:30pm


Audience: Current Student

Venture Law Society is now accepting applications for its 2021-2022 board positions! The positions available are listed below. To apply, please click the application link and submit your information through the portal. All applications received by 11:59pm on March 12 will be considered. For a description of the positions available, please click the application link.

Positions Available:

  • President
  • VP of Finance and Operations
  • VP of Outreach (2)
  • VP of Programming and Events (2)
  • VP of Marketing
  • Board Representative

Application Link:

Additionally, VLS will hold a general meeting to amend its Constitution* and hold its Board Election on March 14, 10:00am. Applicants for 2021-2022 board positions need not attend the meeting. However, subject to the good standing requirements below, applicants may attend the general meeting and vote on the proposed changes of the Constitution.

*To vote on a change to the VLS Constitution, a member must be in "good standing," meaning that he or she must have attended at least one (1) general meeting or speaker meeting and one (1) event sponsored by VLS in the last year.

Meeting Link: