Law: Affordable Housing for Families: Policy Barriers, a Case Study, and Solutions

March 17

12:00pm - 1:00pm


Audience: Current Student

Via Zoom (please email for meeting link):

"Affordable housing" is something everyone can agree we need more of, but it can take many forms. Affordable options can be particularly difficult to find for families. In this panel, we'll explore the history of affordable housing in the US and what it looks like today. After a historical overview, we'll highlight programs working to create more affordable housing for families, and what impediments these programs face. 

Our speakers for the program include:

  • Brian Connolly, Otten Johnson, Moderator: briefly introducing the history of affordable housing in the US, with a focus on developing homes and moderating the program.
  • Heidi Aggeler, Root Policy Research: showing how the economics of housing make it harder to build housing for families, and highlighting some innovative approaches to create this housing.
  • María Sepúlveda, VP of Community and Government Partnerships, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver: to discuss Habitat's work to revitalize Globeville in a holistic way and create housing for families.