Animal Law Summer Fellowships

The University of Denver Animal Law Program is committed to supporting summer public interest employment opportunities and providing a guaranteed summer funding award of $4,000 apiece to two animal law students who choose to work in a public interest law position during the summer.  

Students are eligible for this stipend during the summer after their first year, or the summer after their second year, or both. However, priority will be given to first-year students as fewer paid internship opportunities exist for those students. First-year students must work in eligible nonprofit positions for at least eight weeks of their first-year summer, and second-year students must work in eligible positions for ten weeks of their second-year summer.

All aid, including scholarship, loan, and stipend funds cannot exceed the annual cost of attendance. You may contact Jennifer Quinn ( in the Office of Student Financial Management if you have any questions about the financial aid implications of the Animal Law Summer Fellowships, or any other aid.

Please send a cover letter and CV to by April 28, 2023.



Animal Law Program

Banner photo credit: We Animals Media