Adjunct Faculty Resources


Student Mental Health Issues
Letter from former Dean Marty Katz regarding serious student issues.

Student Handbook
The student handbook can be a valuable resource for our adjunct faculty. It provides the law school’s policies as they relate to our mission, scheduling, graduation requirements, etc. for our students.

Honor Code Violations
This is an excerpt from the Appendices of the Student Handbook under Student Conduct describing Honor Code violations. All students are required to sign a Code of Honor when they enter school. The Law School takes this pledge very seriously and adjuncts should notify the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs if they become aware of conduct in opposition to the Honor Code.

Laptop Requirement for Students
All first year students are required to have a laptop to support their educational experience at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. All law students should have the capability of taking their exams on their laptop as well as for producing their assignments.

Class Attendance and Examinations

Class Taping Policy
Under no circumstances will a class be taped for a student unless we have your written approval. Students must submit a written petition to Jessica Boynton, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Students may request that a class be taped if it meets one of the following criteria: medical emergency, family emergency, maternity/paternity leave, religious holiday, military obligations (short-term, temporary), jury duty, and academic conflict. Be sure that your students understand this policy. On occasion an adjunct professor may need to have a class taped. This can be arranged by contacting Wayne Rust. An adjunct should not request that a class be taped to accommodate a student’s request.

Class Cancellations & Make-up

  • Alternatives to Canceling a Class
    • Invite a guest speaker to cover the class in your absence.
    • Assign a project, especially a writing project, for students to complete in lieu of class and with a specified deadline.
    • If space permits, add minutes to other classes to make up one class period. Check with John Farrell or 303-871-6104 to confirm space availability.
  • Process for arranging a make-up class
    • Work with your students to arrange a date that the majority of them will be able to attend.
    • Arrange for the class to be video-taped if there are students unable to attend the make-up class (This can only be arranged for classrooms with the technology available for class taping).
    • Contact Adjunct Support or 303-871-6580 to reserve an appropriate size room for the date selected.
    • Confirm the class make-up day and time with your students when the arrangements have been made.
    • To be notified of a University of Denver closure and/or class cancellations, you will need to provide contact information here. You will either receive a phone call you a text message to your cell phone.
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