Kiersten Hillkirk

Kiersten Hillkirk

Faculty Support Specialist

Lawyering Process Program Coordinator

Professional Biography

Kiersten Hillkirk has been a Faculty Support Specialist and the Program Coordinator for the Lawyering Process since 2017. She is an alumna of the University of Denver, Morgridge College of Education, and her emphasis was Student Affairs Administration in the Higher Education Program. Her research interests focus on finding ways for higher education institutions to improve their access, retention and persistence for first-generation college students, neuro-diverse learners, and students of color.  While matriculating as a Master's student, she researched pedagogical strategies that can foster success for historically underserved students.  Some of the pedagogical strategies she focused on included experiential learning, critical pedagogies, and pedagogy that incorporates a global perspective.  Kiersten believes that when inclusive, innovative pedagogy is implemented into a higher education classroom setting, this can have a profound impact on student engagement and learning.  

Prior to moving to Denver to pursue graduate school, she was a secondary school educator for 12 years in California. She is a bilingual professional, and her cross-cultural experiences in Thailand, Costa Rica and Spain prepared her well for her teaching career in a diverse and highly-charged community. Kiersten’s decision to move from working in a secondary to a postsecondary school setting commenced when she continuously saw a need for stronger collaboration between K-12 and higher education in order to improve teaching and learning. In her current role as a Faculty Support Specialist and the Program Coordinator for the Lawyering Process, she takes delight in collaborating with the Sturm College of Law faculty to ensure the academic success of their students.


B.A. Wittenberg University
M.A.T. Southern Illinois University
M.A. University of Denver