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I gave a presentation in Indianapolis in July at the 2008 biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute about teaching legal writing online. My presentation, with the slides in several formats and supporting resources, can be found here.
I gave a presentation in New York about laptops in the classroom at the 2008 American Association of Law Schools meeting; it was part of a debate about whether they should be banned.  An overview of my contribution to this program, together with the slides, can be found here.
I have created a new page that contains links to all my student evaluations since I started teaching full time at DU.  You will find it here.
Legal and Judicial Process for the Legal Administrator

This course is an introduction to "what lawyers do" - obviously a broad topic.  But it focuses on the research, writing, and legal analysis that is the core of the work of all lawyers - whatever their area of practice.  It is offered as part of the Masters of Science in Legal Administration (MSLA) program at DU Law School, and will be conducted entirely online.

As you prepare to take this course, please download the syllabus from this link.  Please also review the Course Policies document from this link, which contains much more information about this course, including its structure, purpose, and grading.  For the first class, in addition to the reading assignment described in the syllabus, please send a resume and picture to Professor Thomson - so he can create an "online classroom" for the class.  This is a good way for us all to get to know each other.

Most of our work together in this course will take place within the DU Blackboard online learning environment.  You must enroll in the Blackboard site for our class, which you can do through the MyWeb system (access the Courses tab), or at this link.  You will need your DU Student ID and your password to access the system.

As we begin the course, note that on the Blackboard site there is a link marked "Lectures."  These are the PowerPoint slides (with audio) that contain the majority of the content for this course. 

Click here if you would like to read evaluations I have received from students over the last several summers when I have taught this course.

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