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I gave a presentation in Indianapolis in July at the 2008 biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute about teaching legal writing online. My presentation, with the slides in several formats and supporting resources, can be found here.
I gave a presentation in New York about laptops in the classroom at the 2008 American Association of Law Schools meeting; it was part of a debate about whether they should be banned.  An overview of my contribution to this program, together with the slides, can be found here.
I have created a new page that contains links to all my student evaluations since I started teaching full time at DU.  You will find it here.

Admin Law is a required course at Sturm, and that is for a good reason.  Virtually everything that you do in a given day is regulated by some Federal or State agency.  OK, maybe not sleeping on the couch, but the manufacture of that couch was probably regulated in some way.  Clicking on the TV certainly is.  So is the production and shipping of that brewski you just snapped open.

So this is what we study in Admin. Law.  How are those regulations written and applied?  Who administers and enforces them?  By what rights do they do that? 

Admin has the reputation of being a boring course, but there is no reason it should be.  I will try to make it fun and interesting, but you will have to come along with me, do the reading on time, and show up to class. 

We will be using DU's Blackboard system as our courseware site, and I have posted a copy of the Syllabus there (login with your DU Student ID and your Banner PW), but you can also download it from this link.  The text for the course is Cass, Diver & Beerman, Administrative Law, Cases and Materials (Fifth Ed. 2006) (Aspen).

To learn more about your Professor for this course, click here to read my Philosophy of Teaching, or visit the About Me page for a copy of my CV.

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