Student Handbook

General Information

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Office of Student Affairs

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs counsels students on academic and personal matters, engages in crisis intervention where indicated, and frequently serves as a liaison in procuring support services for students with emotional and/or physical problems. The Assistant Director of Student Affairs works in conjunction with the University’s Disability Services Program to procure appropriate accommodations for students with mental, physical, or learning disabilities.

The Office of Student Affairs supports the work of Denver Law’s student organizations, including SBA, and organizes orientation, the peer mentor program, graduation, and more. The Office of Student Affairs is a student’s first stop to get questions answered. For more information about these and other services provided by the Office of Student Affairs please stop by Suite 115 or call 303.871.6108.

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Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the campus of the University of Denver. State regulation strictly prohibits smoking on the East and South elevations due to the proximity to the Ricks School. Smoking is permitted just off campus at the corner of E. Asbury Ave. and S. York St.

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Confidentiality of Files and Records

In accordance with federal law, the College of Law maintains policies and procedures designed to preserve the confidentiality of a student’s academic record. Please visit the University of Denver’s Privacy of Educational Records and Access to Information page for additional information.

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Academic Achievement Program (AAP)

The purpose of the Academic Achievement Program at the University of Denver College of Law is to provide assistance to students to enable them to master those legal study skills necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in legal practice. The Academic Achievement Program offers a range of programs for students prior to law school, for students at all levels of law school, and for graduating students preparing to take a bar examination.

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The University of Denver Bookstore is located in the Driscoll Center South. The Bookstore’s hours vary depending on the time of year, click here for hours.

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Campus Safety

Call 303.871.3000 to report all emergencies on campus. There is a trained safety dispatcher on duty 24 hours per day to receive your call.

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Student Pioneer ID Card

Your Pioneer ID card is your official identification while at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The Pioneer card serves as a means of access to the building, use of Flex Debit Account, Coors Fitness Center, sporting events, Law Library, Penrose Library, vending machines and many others.

The Pioneer ID office is located on the lower level of the Driscoll University Center. In order to obtain your ID card, you must be registered, be within 30 days of the start of your enrolled semester, and provide a picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Students are advised to call 303.871.4545 before traveling to that office or visit for an informational video and FAQs.

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Internet & Email

All students enrolled at Sturm College of Law are assigned an email account. Wireless access is also governed through those email credentials. Students are expected to use their law school account, especially when enrolled in classes or clinics that involve client confidentiality. Email is used to send official information to students. Students should check their accounts on a daily basis. There are instructions for adding student email to phones and other devices on the helpdesk website. Account passwords or PioneerWeb credentials should not be shared. Students are here to learn to be professionals, and account integrity is important in the legal profession. The University of Denver’s Acceptable Use Policy is here. Guests may connect by connecting to DU Wifi and selecting “Guest”.

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Parking Services

There are two types of parking lots on campus: lots that require permits and metered visitor lots. Students with a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with Parking Services and, to help ensure parking accessibility, are strongly recommended to purchase a Denver University parking permit (General or Restricted). Parking on residential streets is restricted to residents living in the neighborhood and is strictly monitored by City of Denver Parking Enforcement.

Permits are sold via a secure website: Motorcycle permits are the only permits sold in person at the Parking Office.

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Student Lockers

Lockers are available for yearly rental from the Office of Student Affairs and are obtained by paying a $20.00 fee that is used for student programming. Students are not required to obtain a locker. The Sturm College of Law will provide the locks for each locker. Students are not allowed to use their own locks or tape anything to the outside of the locker. Lockers are the property of the Sturm College of Law.

All lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the Spring Semester. If you would like to keep your locker until the end of Summer Semester, you must inform the Student Affairs Office. During the Summer, any items left in lockers will be discarded. The Student Affairs Office and the Sturm College of Law will not be able to store or ship anything left in a locker.

The Office of Student Affairs is allowed access to any locker after giving notification to the student whose locker they will be entering.

Materials placed in lockers must comply with University of Denver and Sturm College of Law policies.

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Communication Policy

For all faculty, staff, and students; revised July 2016

All Student E-mails:

  • All student e-mails refers to e-mails sent to the “Law-All Students” distribution group.
  • No SCOL Student Organization or administrative department shall send e-mails to the “Law-All Students” distribution group, with the following exceptions:
    • Office of the Dean
    • Office of the Registrar for announcements concerning registration, exam information, and commencement.
    • Office of Career Development and Opportunities for a weekly bulletin (job opportunities and 3rd party programs) and large programs (OCI, PALS, etc.)
    • Externship Office for a periodic newsletter and special externship opportunities.
    • Office of Student Financial Management for crucial financial aid/scholarship information and deadlines.
    • Office of Student Affairs

Events Management System:

All events and announcements can be uploaded in the Events Management System.


  • Create an event submission for anything that has a specific date, time, and location such as Hoffman Cup, Barrister’s Ball, or the PILG Auction.
  • Submit event information via the web here.
  • With an event submission, the system provides an option to create a flyer. You can either use one of the system’s template flyers OR create and upload your own flyer. Uploaded flyers must be uploaded as a PDF or picture file, in landscape format (rather than portrait), and 792 × 612 pixels.
  • All event submissions will enter into an approval queue for the Office of Student Affairs. Immediately after it is approved by a Student Affairs Office staff member it will be visible on the SCOL events calendar and the touch screens and TV monitors throughout the building. The event will be seen in the weekly and daily e-mail only during the week/day of the event.


  • Create an announcement for anything that has an open-ended timeframe or something you want to alert the community about in advance such as Registering for Hoffman Cup, Buying Barrister’s Ball tickets, or how to donate items to the PILG Auction.
  • Submit announcements via the web here
  • With an announcement submission you must create a flyer. Just as with an event submission, you can either use one of the system’s template flyers OR create and upload your own flyer. Uploaded flyers must be uploaded as a PDF or picture file, in landscape format (rather than portrait), and 792 × 612 pixels.
  • Announcements may run for up to two weeks at a time.
  • All announcement submissions enter into an approval queue for the Office of Student Affairs. Immediately after it is approved by a Student Affairs Office staff member it will be visible on the SCOL current students’ page, and the touch screens and TV monitors throughout the building. The announcement will be seen in the weekly and daily e-mail only during the period for which you specify the announcement to run.

Student Organization Communication:

  • Student Organizations must use an opt-in system to send an e-mail to their members or students interested in attending their events.
  • Student Organizations may choose to work with the Educational Technology Department to set up a student organization TWEN page, distribution group, or listserve. Student Organizations may also choose to create a specific email account outside of the University of Denver.
  • Per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, Student Organizations must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days. Once a recipient has requested to be removed from an email group, the Student Organization cannot sell or transfer email addresses, even in the form of a mailing list.
  • Student Organizations may request that the Office of Student Affairs send out class-specific emails (for example, to all 1L’s or to all 3L’s).

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SCOL Posting Policy

All material for posting must be compatible with the stated missions and philosophy of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

In addition, all flyers must comply with the University of Denver Alcohol Policy and should be consistent with the University’s philosophy of discouraging the excessive use of alcohol.

Happy hours, drink specials, and other discounted drinking opportunities must not be promoted.

Flyers may not feature demeaning, sexual, or discriminatory portrayals of individuals or groups, and flyers may not advertise drugs or pornographic material.

All flyers must be approved and stamped for posting by the Office of Student Affairs (Suite 115) prior to being posted. All flyers posted without approval will be removed.

Posting Locations:

The ONLY locations where flyers may be posted are on the Bulletin Boards located inside the classrooms and outside the 1st floor elevators. Two flyers per classroom are permitted, and one flyer is allowed on the bulletin board on the first floor (elevator lobby). No more than 25 total flyers may be posted. Flyers may NOT be posted on walls, windows, doors, in bathrooms stalls, or in the elevators.

Housing/For Sale flyers will only be permitted on the designated bulletin board on the 1st floor by the elevator. One flyer will be approved for posting on this board.

Please use push pins to hang flyers on each bulletin board; the Office of Student Affairs will provide additional push pins as required. Staples, tape, nails, etc. are not permitted on any bulletin board.

No flyers may be posted in the Seminar or Study rooms. No student, group, individual, or organization may stuff flyers or other advertisements into Sturm College of Law lockers.

We have a limited supply of easels for use in the building and they are on a first come first serve basis. Inquiries for easels can be made in the Dean’s Suite (215). Departments or Student Organizations are permitted to bring their own easel and place it in various places, out of traffic, in the building to advertise events taking place. These easels should not remain in the building more than one day following the event date.

Directional Signage:

All directional signage must also be in compliance with regular posting policies. Directional Signage is not meant to advertise a particular event, but to provide visitors with directions to the particular floor or area in the building where an event is taking place.

Directional Signage may be posted on easels in the parking garage entryways, hallways, and forum, as long as they remain out of the flow of traffic. We have a limited supply of easels for use in the building and they are on a first come first serve basis. Inquiries on easels can be made in the Dean’s Suite (215). Easels should not remain in the building more than one day following the event date.

Directional Signage may also be posted in the following locations: (1) on the magnetic hanger attached to the inside of each of the two main building elevators, and (2) on the hanger attached to the door entering the law school from the parking garage. To retrieve the magnetic hangers, please visit the Office of Student Affairs.

All Directional Signage must be approved for posting by the Office of Student Affairs (Suite 115), and signs may not be hung outside the provided sign hangers or easels. Do not affix signs to walls, doors, posts, etc.

In the event that the SCOL has multiple events occurring at the same time that both require directional signage, the event with the most participants that are coming from outside SCOL will be able to use the affixed sign holders in the elevators and on entry doors. Multiple events may use easels.

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Lost and Found

The Lost & Found is located in the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 115. If an item is found after hours it may be turned in to the Circulation Desk in the Library.

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Support for Diversity and Free Speech

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law maintains a strong commitment to an educational, residential and work environment that welcomes diverse students, faculty, and staff. Our students and employees pursue their goals in a positive environment free from harassment. A diversity of views, cultures, and experiences vitalizes our academic mission, enriches our intellectual lives, and enhances our capacity to achieve our educational goals.

The Sturm College of Law has an equally strong commitment to academic freedom and free speech. Respect for these rights requires the law school to tolerate and protect expressions of divergent views. We cannot condone individual or collective acts of intolerance that suppress alternative views through intimidation or injury. Our institution of higher education must stand against all assaults upon the dignity and value of any individual. Nor do we condone harassment that interferes with an individual’s educational opportunities, peaceful enjoyment of residence, physical security, or terms or conditions of employment.

Ultimately, however, we cannot achieve our goals unless each member of the law school community takes the personal responsibility to foster an environment that respects diversity and that encourages all students and employees to reach their full potential. No committee, code, or other entity can substitute freely given good will from the individual members of our law school community.

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Sturm College of Law Access Policy

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law maintains a strong commitment to accessible facilities for all persons with and without disabilities.

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Policies Subject to Change

The Student Handbook inevitably will undergo revision from time to time. We will make every effort to ensure the online Student Handbook is up to date. The Student Handbook does not represent an irrevocable contract between the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and the students who attend. The faculty retains the right at all times to change the policies articulated herein and to implement changes immediately and retroactively.

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