DU Law - Publications

The Persistence of Bankruptcy Stigma, 26 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review ___ (2018).

Corporate Compliance and Criminality: Does the Common Law Promote Culpable Blindness?, co-authored with Andrew Brandes, 50 Connecticut Law Review (forthcoming 2018).

Contesting Police Credibility, __ Wash. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2018).

Crimmigration Resistance and the Case of Sanctuary City Defunding, co-authored with Annie Lai, 57 Santa Clara Law Review 3 (2018).

The New Axis of Evil: Religious Extremism & Fascism in 21st Century America ( Forthcoming 2018).

A Rosetta Stone for Causation, The Yale Law Journal Forum (2018).

Why Courts Fail to Protect Privacy: Race, Age, Bias and Technology, forthcoming 106 California Law Review __ (2018) (co-authored with Ian Farrell, Catherine Durso and Christopher Robertson).

More Than Cake : When the "Right to Public Invocation of Religious Expression Tramples Human and Equality Rights of the LGBTQI Community ( Forthcoming 2018).

Understanding 'Sanctuary Cities', co-authored with Linus Chan, Ingrid V. Eagly, Dina Francesca Haynes, Annie Lai, Elizabeth McCormick, Juliet P. Stumpf, 58 Boston College Law Review (Forthcoming, 2018).

Uncertainty Remains: The “Insured vs. Insured” and “Bankruptcy Exclusion” Provisions, NORTON ANNUAL SURVEY OF BANKRUPTCY LAW (2018) (invited submission).

Lost Profits in a Multicomponent World, forthcoming 59 Boston College Law Review __ (2018).

Law of Property Rights Protection: Limitations on Governmental Powers, Aspen Law and Business (2000) (Annual Supplements 2000-2018).

Debt Stigma and Socioeconomic Class, 41 Seattle University Law Review ___ (2018).

Migrants and Refugees are Routinely Denied the Protection of International Human Rights: What Does the Future Hold?, 45 Den. J. Int’l L & Pol’y 303-332 (2017).

Corporate Masters & Low-Wage Servants: The Social Control of Workers in Poverty, Washington and Lee Civil Rights and Social Justice Journal, forthcoming.

Abolishing Immigration Prisons, 97 Boston University Law Review, 245 (2017).

Faithful Unions, 69 HASTINGS L.J. ___ (forthcoming 2017).

Political Insider Trading, 85 Fordham Law Review 2717 (2017).

in Police We Trust, 62 Vill. L. Rev. 953 (2017).

The New Public Accommodations: Race Discrimination in the Platform Economy, co-authored with Aaron Belzer, 105 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL 1271 (2017).

Testing the White Hat Effect in Patent Litigation, co-authored with Roderick O’Dorisio, 27 Federal Circuit Bar Journal 155 (2017).

NIMBY to NOPE - or YESS?, co-authored with Thomas A. Witt, 38 Cardozo L. Rev. 1453 (2017).

The Common Law of Liable Party CERCLA Claims, co-authored with Dale Ratliff, Stanford Law Review (forthcoming).

Chapter 19. Distributed Renewable Energy, Draft chapter from Michael B. Gerrard and John Dernbach, eds., LEGAL PATHWAYS TO DEEP DECARBONIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES (forthcoming from Environmental Law Institute) DO NOT CITE WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR: kkduvivier@law.du.edu.

Diversity, Hierarchy, and Fit in Legal Careers: Insights from Fifteen Years of Qualitative Interviews, co-authored with Bryant Garth, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, Forthcoming.

Fred Cheever – The Denver Law Ideal, 95 DENVER LAW REVIEW 15 (2017).

Positive Disruption: Addressing Race in a Time of Social Change Through a Team-Taught, Reflection-Based, Outward-Looking Law School Seminar, co-authored with Alexi Freeman, Univ. of Penn. Journal of Law and Social Change (forthcoming 2017).

From Symposium to Action: Five Ways for Law Schools to Bridge the Gap Between Students and Marginalized Communities, 94 Denver L. Rev. (forthcoming May 2017).

Free Speech Beyond Words, co-authored with Mark Tushnet and Joseph Blocher (New York University Press) (2017).

Positive Disruption: Addressing Race in a Time of Social Change Through a Team-Taught, Reflection-Based, Outward-Looking Law School Seminar, co-authored with Lindsey Webb, Univ. of Penn. Journal of Law and Social Change (forthcoming 2017).

Pathologising Women, Excusing Men: The Use of Junk Science in Criminal and Family Law Cases, ____Alb. L.Rev_____ ( Forthcoming 2017).

Energy Law Basics, Carolina Academic Press (2017).

The Procedural Exceptionalism of National Security Secrecy, 97 Boston University Law Review 103 (2017).

Success, Merit and Capital in America, 101 Marquette Law Review 1 (2017).

Time is Money: An Empirical Assessment of Non-Economic Damages Arguments, 95 Washington University Law Review 1 (2017) (co-authored with John Campbell and Christopher Robertson).

First-Person FOIA, 127 Yale Law Journal – (forthcoming 2018).

New Legal Ethics Textbook: Problems in Professional Responsibility for a Changing Profession -- Sixth Edition, co-authored with David Wilkins, Andy Kaufman, and Keith Swisher, Problems in Professional Responsibility for a Changing Profession, Carolina Academic Press; 6th ed. (2017).


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