Judge David Edward Oral History


TitleDateTimeAudio Link
7th Sir Michael Davies Lecture, Expert Witness Institute, London: “Evidence, Proof, Fact-Finding and the Expert Witness”April 29, 200439 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
European Employment Lawyers Association: “Developments in Employment Law in the Court of Justice”, Edinburgh, ScotlandApril 23, 200438 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
Valedictory Lecture organized by the U.K. Foreign Office and the U.K. Association for European Law, London: “Luxembourg in Retrospect: a New Europe in Prospect”October 28, 200358 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
Glasgow University Commemoration Day, Glasgow, Scotland: “Remarks to the Graduates” (speech to the graduates of law, accountancy, and education; on this occasion, Judge Edward received an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Glasgow University)June 18, 20038.5 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
The Brodies LLP Lectures in Environmental Law, University of Edinburgh School of Law, Edinburgh, Scotland: “Judging Environmental Law: The Task of the European Court of Justice”February 7, 200359 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
The Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England: “National Courts: The Powerhouse of Community Law”October 18, 200256 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
Conference of British Regulatory Lawyers, London: “The Interface Between Law and Economics: A Judicial View”October 10, 200241 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio
The Academy of European Law in Trier, Germany: “Judicial Remedies”October 6, 200237 MinutesPlay mp3 Audio

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