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Individual Articles

The Gordian Knot of the Treatment of Secondhand Facts Under Federal Rule of Evidence 703 Governing the Admissibility of Expert Opinions: Another Conflict Between Logic and Law
Edward J. Imwinkelried

Admissibility Compared: The Reception of Incriminating Expert Evidence (i.e., Forensic Science) in Four Adversarial Jurisdictions
Gary Edmond, Simon Cole, Emma Cunliffe, and Andrew Roberts

Colorado’s Undemanding Notice Requirement: Pro Se Defendants and Forensic Technician Testimony
Sarah M. Morris and Lauren L. Fontana

The Cost of Colorado’s Death Penalty
Justin F. Marceau and Hollis A. Whitson

The Death Penalty Spectacle
Tung Yin

“They’re Planting Stories in the Press”: The Impact of Media Distortions on Sex Offender Law and Policy
Heather Ellis Cucolo and Michael L. Perlin


United States v. Graham

Riley v. California

Cellular Location Tracing and the 4th Amendment ? Staff Editor Submission


JonBenet Controversy and the Grand Jury

Local Death Penalty

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