Setting Office 2007 Programs to Save In Office 2003 Format By Default

This guide will help you change the default file format in Office 2007, making the spread of documents easier to those who have not upgraded. (Those who have not upgraded may download a compatibility pack that allows you to both read and write in Office 2007 format here. [This works for Office 2000 and on.])

Open up Word 2007 (or whichever program you wish to apply this setting to, it must be done with each program you intend to use.)

Click the big office button on the top left, and then click the “Word Options” highlighted in the graphic below.

Once the Option screen comes up click the “Save” tab on the left.

Then in the drop down menu next to “Save files in this format:” select “Word 97-2003 Document”

Click “Ok” and you should be good to go. (If you want to test, try to save a blank document, if the file type shows up as what you selected from the drop down, you’ve succeeded.)