The Law School has seven rooms setup with analog telephone jacks that are needed for the Polycom telephone conferencing equipment that we use.
These rooms are as follows:

  • Room 165, 303-871-6650
  • Room 259, 303-871-6022
  • Room 290, 303-871-6086
  • Room 412, 303-871-6554
  • Room 413, 303-871-6546 (built-in conference phone set up)
  • Room 437, 303-871-6925 (built-in conference phone set up)

To reserve one of the rooms listed above for a telephone conference please contact Mike Latimer at 303-871-6127 or

If you need a conference phone set up in Rooms 165, 259, 290 or 412, please contact Wayne or Tyrone below with the room number, date(s) and time(s) that you have reserved for the call. Please note that you may need to use a long distance code for the call.

Media Services Contacts are as follows:
Wayne Rust e-mail at: or by phone at 303-871-6270
Tyrone Jones email at: or by phone at 303-871-6082

If you have more that one person involved in the conference call then you will need to use a teleconferencing service.
Send an email to to set up a conference manager account with DU.
Please contact Mark Rinnert at UTS Telephone Services if you have any issues.
You can reach him at: 303-871-4334 or you can visit their website at: