These instructions are current as of 2/6/2017

The Law School currently has two rooms with a built-in conference phone set up:

  • Room 413, 303-871-6167
  • Room 437, 303-871-6925

We are able to setup a portable conference phone in the following classrooms and seminar rooms:

The phone number for the portable conference phone is: 303-871-6546
To schedule a conference phone setup please contact or AV dept at:

To reserve the room listed above for a telephone conference, please contact Mike Latimer at 303-871-6127 or

Please note that you may need to use a long distance code for the call. If you have more than one person involved in the conference call then you will need to follow these instructions:
How to use the University of Denver Voice Conference System / MeetMe Audio Conference

The preferred method of reserving lines or ports for a teleconference is to request that a call be set-up though Telecommunications Services via a ServiceNow request here.

You must register for a conference ID by providing your name, department and on-campus telephone extension.

Once UTS Telecommunications has set-up and assigned you a conference ID, you must request a teleconference be setup during a scheduled time by providing the information listed below for each conference.
The Dial-In Number for the teleconference are as follows:

Internal DU Dial: 1-4777
External Dial: 303-871-4777
Toll Free Dial: 1-866-807-0128
Please include the following information when requesting a teleconference setup:

  • Name
  • Conference ID (usually your telephone extension)
  • Date of Call
  • Time of Call
  • Duration of Call
  • Number of Participants
  • Optional: Subject of Call (the default is your user name)

Your call will be reserved by Telecommunications Services and you will be notified by system e-mail when that has been completed.

You may then forward that system e-mail, which contains instructions for joining the audio conference, to all of the call participants.

The maximum number of participants for each audio conference must not exceed 25 otherwise additional callers will experience a busy signal.