Student Organization Information & Resources

Student Leader Training

All organizations are required to complete the annual Student Leader Training videos and certification quiz in TWEN in order to qualify for funds the following year. Click here to enroll in the TWEN Student Leader Training course. TWEN training occurs in the spring semester after new leaders are selected for student organizations during “Election Weeks” in February. Contact Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Christopher Newman in order to schedule a make-up training if your organization did not attend the original sessions.

Click here for the New Student Leader Training PDF

Financial Information

  • Each student organization has a unique budget or “fund” number where funds are deposited and disbursed. Contact Theresa Baker, Finance & Budget Coordinator, to receive reports on your student organization account.
  • Most organizations (except law reviews/journals, Law Ambassadors, and some discrete clubs) are funded by the Student Bar Association. For funding information, budget request forms, special event request forms, and travel funding, please go to the SBA Finance Committee website.. All other organizations need to contact their funding source or contact the Assistant Dean of Budget and Operations, Rachel Copeland.
  • Go to Student Organization Forms to download the necessary forms for reimbursement (“Student Organization Check Request”) or to deposit funds. The *tax exempt form* is also available at this site to give to vendors in order to remove sales tax on purchases. All reimbursements and deposits need to be submitted to the Dean’s Suite (215). University of Denver will not reimburse tax on purchases.
  • Reimbursements for off-campus events are prohibited unless prior approval has been given by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jessica Boynton.

Planning Events

  • Refer to the Student Leader Training presentation above or download the Planning Successful Events 2016 document to help guide you through planning your event.
  • Alcohol: An Alcohol Approval Petition must first be submitted and approved by Student Affairs. Student organization funds cannot be used to pay for alcohol of any kind. Please see the Alcohol Policy for full details on restrictions and guidelines.
  • All SBA-funded organizations are required to have a sign-in sheet recording (1) the individuals in attendance at each event, (2) the food ordered and the total cost, and (3) the sign-in sheets should be submitted to the SBA Office, Room 443.

Advertising Events

  1. For programs with a specific time, date, and location, use the Event Submission form.
  2. For programs that range a time period (e.g., candidacy periods, general announcements), use the Announcement Submission form.
  3. To post to “Admitted Students” Facebook pages for which you do not have access, contact Student Affairs.
  4. Organizations may also post 8 1/2 × 11’ flyers to the bulletin boards throughout the law building, after receiving approval from Student Affairs in Suite 115. No more than two flyers can be posted in each classroom, and all flyers *may only be hung using thumb tacks*. Do not hang with tape, staples, sticky putty, or nails.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Reserving Tables on Student Street: Contact the Events Office if your student organization wants to reserve a table on Student Street for any reason. You can also visit the Events Office in the Dean’s Suite (215) to reserve a table in person.
  • Guest Parking Permits: Contact Mike Latimer in Suite 215 to retrieve guest parking permits for guest speakers and prominent leaders attending your student organization event. The parking passes are first come first serve and are valid in specific designated areas. University of Denver cannot and will not reimburse parking tickets received by guests who park in the wrong location.
  • Student Org Office: Room 439 is a general office for all student organizations with a copier/printer available *only* for student organization purposes. Contact Student Affairs for door code access.
  • Ordering Office Supplies: Contact Student Affairs if your student organization needs office supplies. If your organization needs printer/copier paper, order directly through DU’s Mail Services.
  • Student Org Lockers: Contact Student Affairs to either reserve free lockers for your student organization or to gain access to current lockers already assigned to your organization.

Student Org Logos & Promotional Items

  • Contact Assistant Director of Communications, Chris Wangelin, if you (1) need a new student org logo; (2) need to retrieve an existing logo; or (3) if you have any questions regarding your logo.
  • Law Communications can also provide assistance with ordering promotional items for your student organization, such as table covers, banners, apparel, key-chains, storage drives, flashlights, etc. Contact Chris Wangelin to inquire about promotional items.

Student Organization Websites and Distribution Lists

There are three major ways to email participants of your org:

  1. TWEN sites: Can store documents from year to year, can email all students who join the TWEN site, cannot easily email non-law students. Contact Jessica Hogan
  2. DU Listserv Service ( Can only do email but can easily email outside (non
  3. Outlook Distribution Groups: Can host files and email but cannot easily email outside email addresses, somewhat difficult to self-enroll.

To update your Student Organization’s website contact Mo Bellifa, located in Suite 265.

For assistance with your student organization e-mail accounts or Outlook Distribution Groups contact Tim Mitchell.