Current Activities

  • Legal Nights

Translate for local attorneys offering free legal advice to the community. If you are interested, contact Tracy Ostlie (

To help translate for DU student attorneys for the Civil Litigation Clinic, contact Charles Mendez (

  • English as a Second Language Program

Teach English as a Second Language to members of the College of Law cleaning staff. Contact Liz Pophal ( if you would like to participate as a teacher or as a student.

  • Partnership with Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Law students will pair up and translate for attorneys representing the best interests of neglected and abused children. If you are interested in domestic/family law and helping in this area, please contact Allison Sperling ( or Charles Mendez (

  • Spanish-speaking Professional Mentoring Program

The CBA’s Spanish Speaking Lawyer’s Committee, CU Law School, and DU Law School have all paired up for a Spanish-speaking professional mentoring program. Students will be paired with Spanish speaking attorneys to form a relationship. Activities will include volunteer work, lunch outings, and a day of shadowing the attorney’s work. If you would like more information, please contact Tracy Ostlie (

Past Activities

  • Thanksgiving Baskets

On November 22, 2009, SSLA stuffed Thanksgiving baskets for refugees and crime victims. Thanks to generous donations from the Latino Law Students Association, the Public Interest Law Group, the Chancellors Scholars, the Student Bar Association, and the law school community, SSLA was able to purchase $700 worth of toiletries, toys, hats, gloves, and other daily necessities to give to 23 families.

thanksgiving baskets thanksgiving baskets

  • Latin America Week and Spanish-Speaking Happy Hour

During the week of October 19, 2009, the SSLA sponsored four discussions regarding Latin American issues. Speakers included the Peruvian Consular Officer, Denver-area immigration attorneys, visiting Latin American student-attorneys, and local Latino attorneys. SSLA ended the week by hosting a happy hour for SSLA members and Spanish-speaking attorneys from the Denver area.

  • Travel to Peru for the Fujimori Trial

During the 2008-2009 Christmas break, three SSLA members traveled to Lima, Peru for two weeks as international observers of the criminal prosecution of Peru’s former president, Alberto Fujimori. The students, inspired by a guest speaker whose brother had been murdered in a government-sponsored massacre, spent several months raising awareness of the trial and support from the Denver legal community. During their visit, the students were able to conduct interviews in Spanish with many of the attorneys working on the case, Lima’s chief prosecutor, family members of massacre victims, and the three judges trying the case. Additionally, the students spoke with partners of several prominent law firms as part of a research project to better understand the nature of a legal education and career in Peru, a civil law country. Upon their return, the students continue to advocate for experiential learning within Latin America as well as justice in Peru.

Peru Peru