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Room 443

Bookstore Hours
By appointment: Please contact Ricky Vasquez.

(caveat emptor)

This is a consignment bookstore – we are only managing the books for each seller. There are no returns and all books are “as-is.” You have ample time to look over your purchase before actually buying the book. Should you buy a book you cannot use, or should you cancel a class, simply sell the book through the bookstore on consignment.

Again, there are no returns.

Although not required, it will be helpful if you arrive knowing the author, edition and editor of each text you are looking for. Especially during our busy times – at the beginning of each semester.

We accept cash or check and all purchases are subject to sales tax.

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SBA Student Business Cards

The SBA Bookstore is no longer involved in the process of ordering student business cards. Students who wish to have business cards with the University of Denver logo have two options:

1) Place an order in person at the Quick Copy Center in the DU Bookstore in the Driscoll Student Center (on the South end of the Bridge).
2) Place an order with Purchasing Services online at the following website: