Christian Legal Society

The mission of the Chapter is to maintain a vibrant Christian Law Fellowship on DU Law’s campus which enables its members, individually and as a group, to love the LORD with their whole beings-hearts, souls, and minds-and to love their neighbors as themselves. In striving to accomplish this mission, the Chapter shall guide the ten purposes set forth in Article I of the CLS Bylaws and by the LSM Threefold Ministry Model, which entails three interrelated activities to be carried out by the Chapter: (1) Cultivating spiritual growth through communal prayer, fellowship, and worship; learning to share one’s faith; and devotional study of the bible and classic Christian works; (2) Showing the love of Christ to the campus community and the community at large by proclaiming the gospel in word and in deed, such as through a life of integrity and charitable good works; (3) Addressing the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian in law?,” that is, learning to submit every aspect of one’s calling in the legal profession to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Meeting Times
Every Monday
Room 450

Each semester we will read a book and discus how the book relates to our lives as Christians and as law students. We also have opportunities to volunteer our time and effort in the community. All are welcome to join!

President – Robert Petrowsky
Vice President – Amy Lovin
Treasurer – Leigh Horton
Faculty Advisor – Scott Johns