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The Sturm College of Law will be a preeminent law school.
We will:
• Educate graduates who will be excellent professionals: knowledgeable, innovative, thoughtful, practical, ethical, and well-prepared for the practice of law;
• Engage with the community and the University at all levels of our work, including teaching, scholarship, public service, and public policy;
• Create and disseminate knowledge to solve social and legal problems and to promote justice.
We will achieve our goals through an integrated program of instruction that connects skills and knowledge, applies theory to practice, and respects and engages diverse points of view and diverse experiences. In addition, we will strengthen our preeminent programs and encourage the development of specific new programs that present strategic opportunities for us. Through these efforts and the high quality scholarship produced by our faculty, we will enhance our national and international stature, attract excellent students, and take our place among the very best providers of legal education.
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We are committed to:
• Encouraging innovative and effective teaching
• Creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge
• Contributing to a just society
• Fostering inclusiveness and respect
• Improving the legal system
• Building and maintaining strong connections with the legal community
• Promoting productive involvement with the University and the broader community
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Support for Diversity and Free Speech

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law maintains a strong commitment to an educational, residential and work environment that welcomes diverse students, faculty, and staff. Our students and employees pursue their goals in a positive environment free from harassment. A diversity of views, cultures, and experiences vitalizes our academic mission, enriches our intellectual lives and enhances our capacity to achieve our educational goals.

The Sturm College of Law has an equally strong commitment to academic freedom and free speech. Respect for these rights requires the law school to tolerate and protect expressions of divergent views. We cannot condone individual or collective acts of intolerance that suppress alternative views through intimidation or injury. Our institution of higher education must stand against all assaults upon the dignity and value of any individual. Nor do we condone harassment that interferes with an individual’s educational opportunities, peaceful enjoyment of residence, physical security, or terms or conditions of employment.

Ultimately, however, we cannot achieve our goals unless each member of the law school community takes the personal responsibility to foster an environment that respects diversity and that encourages all students and employees to reach their full potential. No committee, code, or other entity can substitute for freely given good will from the individual members of our law school community.

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The University of Denver Sturm College of Law expects all students, faculty and staff to treat one another, and others outside the law school community, respectfully and with the utmost degree of professionalism.

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Sturm College of Law Access Policy

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law maintains a strong commitment to accessible facilities for all persons with and without disabilities.

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Policies Subject to Change

The Student Handbook inevitably will undergo revision from time to time. We will make every effort to ensure the online Student Handbook is up to date. The Student Handbook does not represent an irrevocable contract between the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and the students who attend. The faculty retains the right at all times to change the policies articulated herein and to implement changes immediately and retroactively.

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