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Health and Counseling Center

The Health and Counseling Center is an on-campus, comprehensive outpatient health and counseling facility where students and their partners may obtain a wide range of evaluation and treatment services. The HCC is staffed by a variety of healthcare professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, and other professionals.


The HCC is located in the Daniel L. Ritchie Sports and Wellness Center, 3rd floor, North Side, 2240 East Buchtel Blvd.

  • Services
    • HEALTH: Primary medical care, Gynecology, Dermatology, Women’s Health, Nutrition, Allergy shots, Travel Health
    • COUNSELING: Individual, couples, group counseling, Psychiatric Assessment and follow up, Psychological Testing,
  • Hours
    As of August, 2013, The Health and Counseling Center is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday year round (Tuesdays we are open from 9:00 am to 5:00pm). The HCC is closed weekends. Hours may be adjusted in the course of operations.

After Hours Emergencies
The HCC provides access to after hours consultation with a medical or mental health professional. For urgent, after-hours consultation, call the HCC at 303-871-2205 and follow instructions for reaching the on-call provider. *If you have an emergency and need to be seen immediately, go to the Emergency Room at Porter Hospital, 2525 South Downing St. Denver. For ambulance transport, call 303-871-3000.

For an appointment, or additional information regarding the Health and Counseling Center or payment options please visit You may also call us at 303-871-2205.

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University of Denver Health Insurance Requirement

DU policy requires that all students enrolled for at least eight credit hours must maintain comprehensive health insurance coverage. Students are required to participate in the DU Student Health Insurance Plan unless they can prove they have adequate insurance coverage from another health insurance plan which will remain in affect throughout the entire academic year in which the student is enrolled.

Payment of Premium and Period Coverage
The Student Health Insurance Plan is automatically assessed to your bill when you are enrolled in at least eight credit hours. If you meet the University’s health insurance requirements with your own plan, you have the option to waive.

The premium for the Student Health Insurance Plan (underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources) is charged twice during the academic year and must be paid at Fall and Spring registration. The cost for each term is $1210 ($2420 annually). Visit for additional information regarding DU student insurance coverage or call us at 303-871-2205.

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Health and Counseling Fee

The University of Denver assesses a Health and Counseling Fee (HCF) to support the operation of a comprehensive health and counseling center on campus. Payment of the Health and Counseling Fee gives Law Student access to affordable and convenient healthcare right on campus.

The Health and Counseling Fee will appear automatically on your tuition bill when you have registered for eight or more credits. The fee for the 2013-14 Academic Year is $234 per semester. The Health and Counseling fee entitles students to a variety of benefits with low or reduced copayments. Services include unlimited medical and primary care visits; annual gynecology office visits; many lab tests, therapeutic injections, inhalation treatments, allergy shots and other services. The fee also provides up to ten counseling visits per year for students whose mental health needs can be served in the HCC.

To waive the DU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or the Health and Counseling Fee (HCF) you must do so in Webcentral by the deadline, which is 3 Fridays from the first day of classes EACH TERM. The waiver is located in under student registration. If you do not waive by the deadline you will be responsible to pay. In order to waive the Student Health Insurance, you must have your present insurance carrier and policy number.

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Fee For Service

As a DU student, you are eligible to receive services at the Health and Counseling Center even if you don’t participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan or if you have waived the Health and Counseling Fee.

The Health and Counseling Center does not bill third party health insurance other than the Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have waived the Health and Counseling Fee and have outside insurance, you will be expected to pay for the full cost of the visit and services. You will then be given a receipt which you can submit to your insurance company. Beware that the HCC doesn’t serve as a participating provider in any outside health insurance plan so that your reimbursement may be lower than you would expect.

Dependent Coverage
Insurance benefits for dependents (partner, children) may be purchased by students who are insured under the Student Health Insurance Plan. A dependent is defined as the partner of an insured student and an unmarried child from the moment of birth to 26 years of age. Contact the Health and Counseling Center for details regarding dependent coverage (303-871-2205.)

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