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Academic Achievement Program (AAP)

The purpose of the Academic Achievement Program at the University of Denver College of Law is to provide assistance to students to enable them to master those legal study skills necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in legal practice. The Academic Achievement Program offers a range of programs for students prior to law school, for students at all levels of law school, and for graduating students preparing to take a bar examination.

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The University of Denver Bookstore is located in the Driscoll Center South. The Bookstore’s hours vary depending on the time of year, click here for hours.

The Bookstore provides an extensive supply of law reference books, exam practice books, audio tapes, flashcards, and laminated study charges. Also available are laptop computers at student prices along with the necessary software, school supplies, health and beauty aids, snacks, as well as University of Denver and Sturm College of Law logo apparel.

At the end of each semester the bookstore is open for textbook buyback and will purchase certain textbooks back from students. For more detailed information about “buy back” procedures and sales dates visit the Bookstore’s website at or call 303.871.3251.

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Campus Safety

Call 303.871.3000 to report all emergencies on campus. There is a trained safety dispatcher on duty 24 hours to receive your call.

A safe ride shuttle operates during academic quarters from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am daily. If an escort is needed when the shuttle is not running, call 303.871.2334.

To report a safety hazard or security problem to Campus Safety call 303.871.3130. Current crime alerts and crime prevention information can be found at

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Community Events Calendar

There are many University events for students to participate in. The Sturm College of Law Calendar and the University of Denver Events Calendar make it easy to locate what is going on in our community.

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Student Pioneer ID Card

Your Pioneer ID card is your official identification while at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The Pioneer card serves as a means of access to your dorm, Meal Plan, Flex Debit Account, parking, Coors Fitness Center, sporting events, Law Library, Penrose Library, Vending, Laundry, and many others.

All students are required to carry ID cards while on campus. The card is designed to last for four years and if lost or stolen, replacement cards are $20.

The Pioneer ID office is located on the lower level of the Driscoll University Center – South on the University Park Campus. In order to obtain your ID card, you must be registered, be within 30 days of the start of your enrolled semester, and provide a picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Students are advised to call 303.871.4545 before traveling to that office or visit for informational video and FAQ’s.\

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Internet & Email

All students enrolled at Sturm College of Law are assigned an email account. Wireless access is also governed through those email credentials. Students are expected to use their law school account, especially when enrolled in classes or clinics that involve client confidentiality. Email is used to send official information to students. Students should check their accounts on a daily basis. Printing is governed through the PioneerWeb credentials, as is Canvas. Account passwords or PioneerWeb credentials should not be shared. Students are here to learn to be professionals, and account integrity is important in the legal profession. The University of Denver’s Acceptable Use Policy is here.

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Parking Services

There are two types of parking lots on campus, lots that require permits and metered visitor lots. Students with a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with Parking Services and, to help ensure parking accessibility, are strongly recommended to purchase a Denver University parking permit (General or Restricted). Parking on residential streets is restricted to residents living in the neighborhood, and are strictly monitored by City of Denver Parking Enforcement.

How to apply for a parking permit
Permits are sold via a secure website. The web address is: Motorcycle permits are the only permits sold in person at the Parking Office.

Step 1:
Review the information needed to select and purchase a permit, including prices, which is under the “Student” tab.

Step 2:
Select the “DU Account Login” tab located on the top right side of the Parking Home Page.

Step 3:
Enter your DU ID number and password. Your password is the same password used to access webCentral.

Student Billing Deadline
After this date the only payment method online is credit card. Cash and check is accepted in person at the Parking Office.
All parking permits are sold online at Computers are available in our lobby for walk-in customers. Don’t delay, purchase on-line now!

Due to the high demand for parking spaces at the University of Denver, parking lots are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to ensure availability for permit holders. There are no individually reserved spaces on campus. All vehicles parked in a Restricted or General parking lot must display a valid DU parking permit for that lot. Initial parking fines range from $15 to $100. Unpaid tickets will result in a hold on a student’s registration and may result in vehicle immobilization or the car being towed. Unregistered vehicles are subject to the same rules and regulations as registered vehicles.

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Student Lockers

Lockers are available for yearly rental from the Office for Student Affairs and are obtained by paying a $20.00 fee that is given to the SBA. It is suggested that students obtain a locker, but it is not required. The Sturm College of Law will provide the locks for each locker. Students are not allowed to use their own locks or tape anything to the outside of the locker. Lockers are the property of the Sturm College of Law.

All lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the Spring semester. If you would like to keep your locker until the end of Summer semester, you must inform the Student Affairs office. During the Summer any items left in the lockers will be discarded. The Student Affairs Office and the Sturm College of Law will not be able to store or ship anything left in a locker. All books in good condition will be given to the SBA consignment bookstore.

The Office of Student Affairs is allowed access to any locker after giving notification to the student whose locker they will be entering.

Materials placed in lockers must comply with University of Denver and Sturm College of Law policies. Students should not use the law school’s address for personal mail since the College of Law cannot be responsible for providing the safe delivery of US mail to students. Professors may use lockers as mailboxes to drop off papers and other class materials. Any student caught tampering with another student’s mail/locker or putting derogatory materials in student lockers, may be brought before the Office of Community and Citizenship Standards.

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Posting and Advertising Policy

The University requires compliance by all students, groups, individuals, and organizations with the following posting and advertising regulations:

  1. All material for posting must be compatible with the stated mission and philosophy of the University of Denver.
  2. All posters/flyers must be stamped for approval by the Student Affairs Office (Suite 235) prior to being hung. This stamp is only valid in the law school building. If any flyer is hung without approval by Student Affairs it will be removed, and the organization or individual on whose behalf the flyer was posted will be prohibited from posting flyers for the next 30 days.
  3. Individuals posting flyers, such as for housing or items for sale, may only hang flyers on the designated bulletin board on the first floor by the elevator. One flyer will be approved for posting on this board.
  4. No student, group, individual, or organization may stuff flyers or other advertisements into Sturm College of Law lockers.
  5. Posting locations:
    • Posting is allowed on bulletin boards only (located in the hallway by the elevators on the first floor and in each classroom). Walls, windows, doors, bathroom stalls, mirrors, poles, etc. may not be used for posting except for temporary emergency posting by administration. Posting is not allowed in any study room.
    • Two flyers per classroom are allowed but no more than 25 total. Fliers for bulletin boards may not exceed 11” x 14” and posters may not exceed 21” x 28” in size.
    • Flyers may only be hung with thumb tacks only, not tape, staples, nails, etc.
    • In accordance with fire regulations items may not be placed on glass doors within a 12-inch radius of any fire equipment.
    • Special posting and advertising regulations exist for all student campaigns and elections. This information is available on the SBA website here.
  • Enforcement of the Posting Policy
    The Office for Student Affairs has the responsibility for enforcing the posting policy. Failure to comply with the above stipulations may result in a written or verbal warning from the Office for Student Affairs. Continued violations of the posting policy could result in a possible suspension of posting privileges for an individual or organization.
  • Commercial Solicitation on Campus
    1. Representatives for bar review courses will be allowed to advertise in the Forum during designated periods between October and November in the Fall Semester; and between March and April in the Spring Semester.
    2. Bar review companies may post and maintain written advertisements on a designated bulletin board throughout the school year.

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Lost and Found

The Lost & Found is located in the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 235. If an item is found after hours it may be turned in to the Circulation desk in the Library. Emails will be sent out only to report lost keys.

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Approximately 12 courtesy phones are located throughout the law building for student’s use. Only local calling is available on these phones. To place a local call outside of the University system, dial 9 and then the phone number. To place a call within the University system dial 1 plus the four-digit extension.

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Fax Machines

One courtesy fax machine is located in the library on the second floor. Directions for use are posted above this machine. Local faxes may be sent for free, but long distance faxes will require the student to use their calling card. Students may also receive faxes at this machine. Faxes sent to students will be held for one day only, after which, they will be discarded. The fax number is 303.871.6020.

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