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General Information

The Masters of Science in Legal Administration degree is designed for individuals interested in the management and administration of law firms, courts, corporate legal departments, public law offices, and other organizations within the legal field. The dynamic field of legal administration is growing rapidly, combining traditional business management strategies with very specific approaches unique to the management of law offices, courts and legal organizations. The profession offers intellectual challenge, economic opportunity, and career satisfaction. Law firm and court managers play a critical role by ensuring the effective function of the legal system as it impacts society.

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Enhancing Your JD

The MSLA program offers a full curriculum that educates and trains students in the practical aspects of law practice management and judicial administration.

The traditional J.D. program at most law schools does not include courses that address the necessary business skills for managing and operating a law firm or legal organization, such as marketing and business development, client service, court caseflow management, accounting, and human resources management, lawyer recruitment and advancement. DU’s law school is unique in that it offers the premiere legal administration program in the country. DU law students have easy access to some of the best instruction available in these areas.

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Program Options

The Master’s program requires 36 semester credit hours, which may be earned in two resident semesters plus a summer term in which the student completes a fifteen-week full-time internship. Students can go full time and complete the program in one year or opt for the Executive option and go part time, while working, and finish in 2-4 years. All courses are available in person or online.

The MSLA program offers three concentrations to choose from:

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JD/MSLA Dual Degree

The MSLA program blends nicely with the J.D. degree. In the dual degree program, the law student must take the first year of J.D. classes in its entirety and then the required MSLA classes can be interspersed with the law classes. The dual degree program can be completed in three and a half years.

As a dual degree program within the University of Denver, the student receives a cross credit allowance on the J.D. degree of 10 credits. The dual degree student can receive a cross credit allowance of up to 10 credits toward the MSLA degree, depending on the law classes taken.

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Certificate Program

The Certificate Program is designed to provide an academic credential conferred at the Sturm College of Law graduation, for persons who are not candidates for the Master of Science in Legal Administration degree (MSLA).

Certificate candidates take courses in law office administration or judicial administration to strengthen their knowledge and skills in these areas. The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of core MSLA courses. Practicing administrators may apply for candidacy. A bachelor’s degree is required.

The Certificate in Law Firm Administration, Court Administration, or International Court Administration requires completion of 18 semester hours and may also be completed in person or online. The course plans for each program can be found here.

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MSLA Program Details

Please consult the MSLA Department at 303.871.6308 to discuss a curriculum plan.