• Ian London
    “First Federal Court Interpretation of ‘Affiliation’ Under CERCLA’s BFPP Defense,” with Polly Jessen, 40(5) The Colorado Lawyer 59 (May 2011).
  • Robert Palmer
    Robert Palmer, 3L, was invited to speak at the World Justice Forum in Barcelona, Spain, June 22, 2011, about educating youth about the rule of law. Joining Palmer in this presentation will be Karen Mathis, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters; Ben Keesey, CEO of Invisible Children; and Driss Ouaouicha, president of Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. More than 450 diverse leaders—from heads of state and Supreme Court justices, to medical doctors, school teachers, businesspeople and artists—will gather at the forum to develop projects that will advance the rule of law across disciplines and around the world. The forum is hosted by the World Justice Project and supported by numerous organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Denver Journal of International Law and Policy 2011-2012 Board of Editors
    Congratulations to the 2011-2012 board of editors of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy: Anjali Nanda, editor in chief; Brenden Desmond, managing editor; Alissa Mundt, executive editor; Erica Woodruff, managing editor; Elayna Fiene, training editor; Daniel Warhola, business editor; Vanessa Huynh, marketing editor; John Feeney-Coyle, candidacy editor; Julie Nichols, survey editor; Sara Tracy-Ruazol, candidacy editor; Ashley Muñoz, projects editor; Brianna Evans, alumni editor; Jennifer Boshert, Sutton editor; Frank Lawson, cite and source editor; Jon Bellish, online developer; and Emily Bloedel, journal relations.
  • RMLUI/Sturm College of Law Student Award Winners
    Allison Alturas, 1L, and Matt Brodahl, 2L, received the RMLUI/Sturm College of Law Student Award at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute Conference at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The annual award recognizes two students whose academic achievement and community service while in law school demonstrate outstanding potential for impact in the sustainable development field. Each student received $250 from Denver law firm Isaacson Rosenbaum, the award sponsor.
  • Anheuser Busch Minoru Yasui Scholarship Winner
    Kira Suyeishi, 1L, received the Anheuser Busch Minoru Yasui Scholarship. Each year, the Asian Pacific American Bar Association awards the Minoru Yasui Scholarship to two law students who are dedicated to serving the Asian American community and other communities of color, in memory of Minoru Yasui.
  • Katherine Blair
    Katherine Blair, 3L, received first prize in the 2010 ABA Health Law Section (HLS) Student Writing Competition for a paper titled “In Search of the Right Rx: Use of the Federal False Claims Act in Off-Label Drug Promotion Litigation.” The paper has been accepted for publication in The Health Lawyer, the ABA HLS’s bimonthly health law journal. The prize also included travel to and recognition through the 2011 ABA HLS Emerging Issues Conference in New Orleans in late February.
  • Report on Asylum Cases and Students from Adjunct Professor Regina Germain
    The last client from the Fall 2010 semester DU Asylum Practicum was granted asylum by the Houston Asylum Office on March 7, 2011. The client is from Djibouti and feared harm due to his political activities on behalf of an opposition party. He was well-represented by his student representative, Steve Brantz. The DU Asylum Practicum students still hold a perfect record.
  • News from the International Legal Studies Program and the Nanda Center:
    Congratulations to the winners of the Sutton International Law Writing Competition, who will be attending the summer session of the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law. This year saw a record number of 16 competitors ranked anonymously by panel of five judges: Professor David Akerson; Ian Bird, Esq.,JD’76, Chair of the Nanda Center Board; Hon. Roger Keithley, Presiding Disciplinary Judge, Colorado Supreme Court; Hon. Karen Metzger, JD’70,Senior Judge, Colo. Court of Appeals; Katharine Nanda, Esq., Secretary of the Nanda Center Board.

The co-winners are: Jon Bellish, 2L, and Webster Cash, 3L. In view of the number and quality of submissions, the judges decided to award three honorable mentions: Molly McNab, 3L; Megan Matthews, 3L; Eric Subin, 3L.

Over the last weekend in February, the Sturm College of Law hosted the super-regional competition of the Jessup International Law Moot Court. 24 law schools participated, from Fordham on the East Coast to Tulane in the South and several midwest schools, along with schools from the Rocky Mountain area. The quality of judges, who included numerous alumni and several of our faculty colleagues, was especially credited by the International Law Student Association representative from Chicago, Jill Hereau. It was a smooth and flawless operation, very skillfully organized by one of our alums and a former Jessup competitor, Matt Dardenne,JD’09, who was on a team a few years back which came second in the written memorials (briefs to the International Court of Justice) in the world, out of 140 US law schools and law schools from 80 other countries. Matt was ably assisted by Karlyn Shorb, JD’05, our administrative director. The winning school was Arizona State University.

That same weekend, on Saturday evening, Dean Marty Katz welcomed a full house for the McDougal Distinguished Lecture in International Law. The Lecturer this year was Professor Dinah L. Shelton, President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and a chaired professor at George Washington University Law School, who spoke on “Lawyers, Judges, and the Law of Nations — International Law in US Courts.” It is being posted on line and will be published in a forthcoming Denver Journal of International Law & Policy.

Our own Jessup team — Molly McNab, Captain, Megan Matthews, Megan Moriarty, Anjali Nanda, and of counsel John Gaudette — and superbly coached by John Powell, Esq., JD’88, former editor-in-chief of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, competed in the super-regional competition in Portland. The competing teams were primarily from the west coast, including Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Hastings, USC, UC Davis. Our team was ranked second in the memorials (written briefs to the International Court of Justice), and they also advanced to the semi-final stage of the oral competition. They were very disappointed not to be advancing to the world competition in Washington, as many of our teams have done so in the past, but we are immensely proud of them all. –Ved Nanda

  • DU takes home 2nd place trophy at Tulane Baseball Arbitration Competition From Matthew W. Hofmeister, 3L: “I am pleased to inform you that Scott Neckers and I reached the finals and took second place this weekend in New Orleans. A field of 34 teams was divided into 4 divisions. Scott and I won our division by winning 2 of our 3 preliminary rounds and having the highest score differential. We then successfully represented Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds to reach the championship round, which was held in an auditorium before all the participants and decided by a three-person panel that included counsel for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a head of the players’ union. We represented the Toronto Blue Jays against pitcher Shaun Marcum and lost by a very slim margin. The panel and many others in attendance were highly complimentary of our performance. Scott and recent graduate Thomas Loegering, JD’10, won the tournament last year. 3L Kellan McKeon and 2L Jesse McLain also competed as DU’s second team. They won their first matchup and scored very well overall but were unable to advance after losing to Scott and me in a preliminary round.” Congratulations Matt and Scott!