• 2011-2012 Staff of the Denver University Law Review
    Congratulations to the 2011-2012 senior editors of the DU Law Review: Kyler Burgi, Bryan Florendo, Kristopher Kleiner, Melissa Lawson, Neal McConomy, Michael Petrash, William Reed, Amalia Sax-Bolder, Kira Suyeishi, Lane Womack, Abigail Brown, Joseph Doyle, Nicholas Klein, Zoe Laird, Michael Matthews, Riki Parikh, Betsy Proffitt, William Ross, Dan St. John, Amanda Walck, Scott Arbuckle, Nathan Downing, Justin Jenkins, Michael Kugler, Jeremy Liles, Cara Owen, Beth Phillips, Randolph Robinson II, Edward R. Shaoul and Henry Vorderbruggen.
  • Staff of the University of Denver Water Law Review
    Congratulations to the new members of the University of Denver Water Law Review: Taylor Rork, Tyler Geisert, Anthony Perko, Zachariah Lockwood, Darin Smith, Amy Kho, Jessica Weiss, Matthew Watson, Winslow Taylor, Michael Lerch, Sarah Barth, Jessica Zaegel, Scott Thompson, Alan Kitchen, Patrick Peluso, Elisabeth Hutchinson,
  • Dustin Charapata and Sean Marsh have created an interactive online program for the Veterans Legal Services of Denver that helps veterans access legal assistance. The website (http://www.veteranslegalservicesofdenver.org) uses a Q&A format to match veterans to resources that may be able to help with their legal issues. The website is the first of its kind in Colorado and is part of a larger effort to provide legal assistance to veterans (September 10, 2011).