For more information on Disability Services please see the DSP website at

Requesting New Accommodations

In order to request new accommodations please follow the necessary steps below:

  1. Download and fill out the Intake Packet. Submit packet and documentation from your doctor to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jessica Boynton, Suite 235
  2. Katie will document your submission and send the packet to Disability Services for review.
  3. After DSP has reviewed your documentation they make their recommendation for accommodations to Dean Jessica Boynton. Either Jessica Boynton or a DSP staff member will be in contact with you to let you know the accommodations for which you have been approved.
  4. You will work with the Associate Director of Student Affairs on all accommodations from here on out.

Please Note: It can take up to six weeks for Disability Services to review your documentation so be sure to get your information in plenty ahead of time if you wish to receive accommodations on tests and exams.

Requesting Additional Accommodations

To request a new accommodation, or modification to an existing accommodation, students may contact DSP by email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), phone (303.871.2278) or in person (Driscoll Center South, 046). Students may also contact Dean Jessica Boynton by e-mail (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)); phone (303.871.6138), or in person (Ricketson Law Building, Suite 235).

Accommodations cannot be retroactive; they can only be applied to current or future course work or University programming.

Exam Accommodations

In order to receive testing/exam accommodations you need to be approved by Disability Services and Student Affairs to receive such accommodations. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, extended time testing, minimal distraction testing environments, etc.

  1. Student Affairs will e-mail you an exam form no less than three weeks prior to the start of the exam period. Please make sure Jessica Boynton has your current e-mail address on file to ensure you receive this form.
  2. On the form you need to include the Class Name, professor, Date & Time of Exam, and Type of Exam (i.e. 2 hr. in class, take home, etc.) for each exam for which you wish to receive accommodations.
  3. Student Affairs will submit all information to the Registrar’s Office so they can set up times and rooms if necessary.

Note: Although not required we highly recommend you submit this exam form back to Student Affairs by the due date to ensure you receive accommodations for your exams.


For Students Requiring Notetakers

You will need to submit your classes for which you wish to receive notes to Jessica Boynton in Student Affairs no later than one week (1 week) prior to the start of classes. Please include Class Name, Professor Name, CRN #, Time & Days of class, Room number of class in order to ensure accuracy.

You should receive notes after each class period; at the end of each week at the very least.

For Notetakers

Notetakers are required to sign a Classroom Notetaker Agreement prior to becoming a notetaker. Notetaker agreements are only available by coming to the Student Affairs Office. Notetakers are expected to submit notes to Student Affairs after each class period or at the very least of the end of each week.

Notetakers are expected to abide by the Notetaker agreement or they will not receive compensation at the end of the semester. Notetakers receive compensation for each class for which they take notes.

Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions about Disability Accommodations. You may also view the complete Handbook for Students with Disabilities here or come to Student Affairs for a Hard copy.