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The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute was established to conduct education and research programs on legal and public policy issues related to land use and development. For 25 years, RMLUI has been leading a discussion in the West about the challenges presented by growth and innovative ideas for addressing them.

2017 Western Places/Western Spaces Conference

Creating Inclusive Communities

Across the Rocky Mountain region, creating spaces that work for diverse populations—rich and poor, young and old, newcomers and natives—is a central challenge of our times. As our region continues to grow and change, increasing in density and diversity, questions about how to maintain affordability and livability, while promoting equity and inclusiveness, are top of mind in many of our fast-growing Western cities and towns.

The theme for the 2017 Western Places/Western Spaces conference, Creating Inclusive Communities, focuses on the challenges and strategies available to cities—large and small—to plan for and build communities in which everyone can thrive.

At the same time, we will continue to explore options for conserving and protecting our lands and natural resources. Water and energy development—whether from fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal or renewable sources like wind and solar—remain inextricably linked with the West.

Elements of Development Workshop
Wednesday, March 15
This workshop will address the elements of financing a development project utilizing case studies. Topics will include the steps of a development project, public and private financing, and also public/private partnerships.

Featured Track: Creating Inclusive Communities
The sessions in this year’s featured track examine how different communities across the West are working to address issues of equity, resilience, and recovery.

Plenary Lunch Events
Thursday’s plenary lunch will feature “The Big Picture: Macro-Tends in the Economy, Planning, and Zoning.” Friday will feature Larry Head speaking about “The Brave New World of Connected-Autonomous Vehicles.”

Mobile Tours
Thursday’s tour features transit-oriented development with a tour of the I-25 & Broadway and a discussion of the community engagement to connect the surrounding neighborhoods.

Friday’s tour will travel to Aria Denver to learn about their cohousing community and their partnerships with community organizations.

Continuing Education

CLE, CRE, and AICP credits will be available. Please contact Lisa Loranger for more information.