Please note these sessions are not available for CLE credit.

  • Can California Make Peace With Its Neighbors and Itself?
    Connecting the Flow from Long’s Peak to Newhall Ranch
    Antonio (Tony) Rossmann, Esq.
    CD03.03 0:40:17
  • Creative Approaches to Landscaping in a Drought Environment
    Darlene Sisneros, Esq.; Patrick N. Gay, RLA; Bonnie Star
    CD03.07 1:04:00
  • The Federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act: Acts of Faith & Zoning
    Daniel J. Curtin, Jr., Esq.; Madelyn D’Enbeau, Esq.; Michael S. Giaimo, Esq.
    CD03.06 1:03:12
  • The Graying of the Rocky Mountain West
    Charles T. (Charlie) Unseld; Mary Kay Peck, AICP; Dave Schreiner; Jim Westkott
    CD03.10 1:06:00
  • Land Use Ethics: Current Issues
    Elizabeth A. Garvin, Esq.; Gerald E. Dahl, Esq.; J. Bart Johnson, Esq.
    CD03.09 1:04:50
  • Living Within Limits in the West
    Luther Propst
    CD03.02 0:47:26
  • New Impact Fees in Colorado
    Thomas J. Ragonetti, Esq.; J. Thomas Macdonald, Esq.; James A. Windholz, Esq.
    CD03.12 1:19:00
  • New Partnerships in an Era of Drought
    Darlene Sisneros; Hon. Ken Salazar
    CD03.04 1:01:00
  • The Real World Challenges of Mixed Use Development:
    Beyond the Pretty Watercolor
    James B. Borgel, Esq.; James D. Chrisman; Thomas A. Gougeon
    CD03.11 1:05:13
  • Recent Supreme Court Decisions: Takings & Other Issues Related to Urban Planning
    Prof. Edward H. Ziegler; Prof. Orlando E. Delogu
    CD03.08 1:09:43
  • The Thin Green Line: Development and Public Lands in the West
    Nevada Barr
    CD03.01 00:30:00
  • True West: Authentic Development Patterns for Small Towns and Rural Areas Christopher J. Duerksen, Esq.; James van Hemert, AICP
    CD03.05 1:19:26