• It’s Dirty Work
    Audio CD (2006)
    Bodhy Hedgecock, Larry Timm, Lyle Dechant
    06F16; 1:12:59; 1 credit $10/$20 for CLE credit
  • Oregon Measure 37 Update
    Audio CD (2006)
    Mark Bobrowski, Edward J. Sullivan, David J. Hunnicutt
    06F13; 1:17:01; 2 credits $10/$20 for CLE credit
  • A Primer on Local Government Regulation of Land Use & Development
    Audio CD (2005) Please note that there are no accompanying .pdfs for this session.
    Larry R. Keuter, Esq., Melinda M. Beck, Esq., Corey Y. Hoffman, Esq.
    F01; 1:13:14 $10 each/$20 for CLE Credit