Christopher Duerksen, Esq., is managing director of Clarion Associates of Colorado, LLC, a land use consulting firm with offices in Denver, Fort Collins, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. He has represented local governments, nonprofits, and the private sector in a variety of land-use and zoning matters and specializes in development code revisions, growth management planning, historic preservation, natural resource and scenic area protection strategies, airport-area development, and market development strategies. A co-founder of The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute, Mr. Duerksen has written and spoken extensively on land use issues in Colorado and nationally. He has authored many books and articles on land use and conservation issues, including Takings Law in Plain English, Aesthetics, Community Character, and the Law, and True West: Authentic Development Patterns for Small Towns and Rural Areas and speaks extensively across the United States on those subjects.

He is a former elected member of the city council in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and directed the Gateway/Stapleton Development Office for the City of Denver prior to joining Clarion.