The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute was established to conduct education and research programs on legal and public policy issues related to land use and development. For 25 years, RMLUI has been leading a discussion in the West about the challenges presented by growth and innovative ideas for addressing them.

2016 Annual Land Use Conference

In celebration of its 25th year, RMLUI paused to look back and examine lessons learned that can guide our actions and policies as we move forward into the next 25 years.

This year’s Western Places/Western Spaces conference addressed the transformative land use legal and policy developments in the Rocky Mountain West that have influenced the shape of our communities today. We also explored the trends and innovations—like demographic shifts, climate change, and economic forces—that are likely to affect the future of the West.

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5th Annual Carver Colloquium

State Control of Federal Lands: Legal or Not?

Despite several attempts to pass legislation in the past, the federal government has retained control. This year’s Carver Colloquium focuses on whether current efforts to transfer control to the states can, or should, succeed.

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RMLUI’s 2016 Home Study Sessions are now available for purchase!

Recorded during the 2016 Western Places/Western Spaces conference, the Home Study Sessions are presented by leading experts who address the latest issues and challenges facing Western communities. Topics include land conservation, housing, natural resources, public engagement, and recent changes in land use law and policy.

The Home Study Sessions also provide continuing educations credits for both lawyers and planners, making them an ideal way to maintain professional certification.

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RMLUI Academic

RMLUI’s academic mission focuses on increasing educational opportunities for students and the practice community through the course offerings and symposia. We have also developed relationships with other academic programs and professional firms to promote research opportunities. Check out recent Home Study Sessions, the Carver Colloquium, and our Institute Partners Program.

RMLUI Practice

The focus of RMLUI’s practice program is the Sustainable Development Community Code Framework, a tool for municipalities interested in implementing sustainable initiatives, and the annual conference, one of the premier gatherings of sustainable development professionals. Check out our Annual Land Use Conference and Sustainable Community Development Code Framework.