Dear Beverly, Lisa, Gene, Tracy, Charlie, Robin, David, Chelsea, Danny, Casey, Hailey, Enid, Steve, Irene, Art, Charles, Ronald, Anthony, and Dee,

I last saw Dan this June. He joined faculty, alumni, and members of the legal community at the Phipps Mansion to give the Law School guidance in searching for a new dean.

Always thinking of ways he could give back to this school he loved, Dan then volunteered to teach Advanced Civil Procedure at the Law School. His course was scheduled for the spring of 2010, and the very week he entered the hospital, he had planned to meet with a number of us who teach Civil Procedure here at the Law School to coordinate his class as a follow up to ours.

I graduated from the Law School in 1982, and as co-chair of our student alumni-relations committee, I had the privilege of spending more time than most students with our dean. To me, “Dean Dan,” with his quick wit, compassion, and mischievous grin, represented not only the face of the school, but its heart as well.

Whoever handed him the pen to sign diplomas for the 1982 graduates, forgot to make sure it had indelible ink. My diploma now has a blank space where Dean Dan’s signature once blazed. But I will never forget whose name once filled that blank space just as I will never forget the great man who is no longer in our midst.

Dan truly enriched so many of our lives and made the world a better place. Thank you all for sharing him with us over the years.

Associate Professor K.K. DuVivier ‘82