For the moment, I’d like to post this brief remembrance for Dan — which has also bee posted since September 11 on a Denver Post legacy site. I would like the opportunity to flesh out my comment in the future. But I think it is important that some comments be posted promptly — it is too long already that the DU site has gone without adequate tribute to this great man and wonderful friend.

As the brief not below indicates, I wrote a much longer and more formal tribute, summarizing much of Dan’s work as Dean, in the Denver University Law Review back in 18985.

Though it has been years since I’ve seen him — my loss — Dan was one of only two mentors I’ve had in my life, and clearly the most important. More than anyone, he taught me how to be a better human being. He was my dean and my friend, almost the brother and father I always yearned for, all rolled into one. If anyone could, Beverly may understand.

Thankfully, my thoughts of Dan as our dean are memorialized more fully at: Daniel S. Hoffman: A Tribute, 62 Denver University Law Review 733 (1985).

Jimmy Winokur Emeritus Professor of Law