One of Dan’s priorities when he “ascended” to the position of Dean of the law school. Was to redesign the clinical program.Dan dubbed the clinical program as the Student Law Office describing it as the student run law office with the students being the “associates” and faculty being the” partners”. He also wanted to integrate the doctrinal faculty into the clinical experience as a way to get the faculty to think of the clinical experience as an important part of legal education. To achieve this Dan used his great skill as an advocate to cajol and convince about a third of the faculty to “enlist” in devoting a part of their academic credit to working with students in the criminal and later civil clinics supervising students on cases and schlepping with the students to various courts.As a further development he eliminated the category of staff lawyers and replaced clinical staff lawyers with tenure track faculty. These significant changes were testaments to Dan’s genius for getting the faculty to agree to significant changes in clinical faculty status.- Howard Rosenberg