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I have two particularly fond memories of Dan.

First, right after I took office as Interim Dean, Dan was kind enough to offer to meet with me and share his advice on how to do this job. His first advice was that I needed a good supply of good scotch. (Real deans, he said, drink scotch.) He gave freely of his time, insight, and advice – all of which were immensely valuable to me.

Second, one of his insights was that a dean needs to confront and respond directly the law school’s critics. Hearing from those who think the school is doing well is all good, he said. But if you are trying to make changes, you need to persuade the critics. If they have issues with the school, he said, they should get the dean’s answer first hand. To that end, he arranged a lunch with me and one of the law school’s staunchest critics, which he and I attended just two days before his stroke. Our lunch guest had a lot of hard questions, and I hope I answered them well. But I will always remember that lunch, as well as Dan’s advice.

Thank you, Dan. We will miss you.

Martin Katz
Dean and Associate Professor
University of Denver Sturm College of Law