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Robin Walker Sterling

Associate Professor


  • Juvenile Life without Parole and Juvenile Sex Offender Registration: Two Sides of the Same Unconstitutional Coin, 82 University of Chicago Law Review ____ (forthcoming 2015).
  • Defense Attorney Resistance, 99 Iowa Law Review 2245 (2014).
  • Fundamental Unfairness: In re Gault and the Road Not Taken, 72 Maryland Law Review (April 2013).
  • “Children Are Different:” Implicit Bias, Rehabilitation, and the “New” Juvenile Jurisprudence, 46 Loyola Los Angeles Law Review 1019 (2013).
  • A Broken Shield: A Plea for Formality in the Juvenile Justice System, 13 University of Maryland Journal of Race, Rreligion, Gender and Class 237 (2013).
  • On Surviving Legal De-Education: An Allegory for a Renaissance in Legal Education, 91 Denver Law Review 211 (2013).
  • Raising Race, The Champion, www.nacdl.org, April 2011.
  • Stories Told and Untold: Lawyering Theory Analyses of the First Rodney King Assault Trial, co-authored with Anthony Amsterdam, Randy Hertz et. al., 12 Clinical Law Review 1 (2005).