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  • Winking at the Jury: 'Implicit Vouching' versus the Limits on Opinions About Credibility, co-authored with Jennifer Middleton, Arizona Law Review, forthcoming 2013.
  • Wigmore on Evidence Supplement (Wolters Kluwer, 1995 to present) (currently three editions each year) (2012).
  • The New Wigmore: Evidence of Other Misconduct and Similar Events, Supplement, Aspen Publishers (published annually, September 2012).
  • The New Wigmore: Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility, Supplement, Aspen Publishers (published annually, November 2012).
  • Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Torts, Wolters Kluwer (2011).
  • Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes, and Problems co-authored with David W. Barnes, (Aspen Publishers, 2003; second edition, 2007, third edition, 2010).
  • Colorado Evidence 2009-2010 Courtroom Manual, co-authored with Robert Hardaway, Frank Jamison and Glen Weissenberger, LexisNexis (2009).
  • Student Evaluations of Law Teaching Work Well: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, 40 Southwestern L. Rev.1 (2007) (2008).
  • Colorado Evidence co-authored with Robert M. Hardaway, Francis W. Jamison & Glen Weissenberger, (Lexis Nexis, annual and semi-annual editions since 1995) (2007).
  • Evidence: Examples and Explanations (Little, Brown and Co., 1994; second edition Aspen Publishers, 1997; third edition,1999; fourth edition, 2001; fifth edition 2004; sixth edition 2007) (Chinese language edition; Angle Publishing Co., 2002).
  • Impediments to Reasonable Tort Reform: Lessons from the Adoption of Comparative Negligence, 40 Ind. L. Rev. 1 (2007).
  • Internet Yellow Page Advertising, co-authored with Shayla Francis, Katarznya Z. Kozak, Lauren Heilig, Kristy Lundahl, Terri Bowland, and Robert P. Dellavalle, 55 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 67 (co-author) (2006).
  • Comparative Negligence (Matthew Bender & Co.) (revision author, 1988-2000).
  • Manufacturers' Responsibility for Harms Suffered by Victims of Counterfeiters: A Modern Elaboration of Causation Rules and Fundamental Tort Law Policies, 8 Currents: Int'l Trade L.J. 43 (Summer 1999).
  • Torts Roadmap (Aspen Publishers, 1997).
  • Lawyers from Denver co-authored with Philip E. Gauthier, Barbara N. Greenspahn, (University of Denver, 1996).
  • Peace, Wealth, Happiness, And Small Claim Courts: A Case STUDY, co-authored with Deborah Zalesne, Kathleen Bridges, Kathryn Chenoweth, Lisa Fine, Jonathan L. Miller, & Kimberly White, 21 Fordham Urb. L.J. 343 Fordham Urban Law Journal Winter 1994.
  • Considering "Claims Crisis" Claims Clearly, 69 Denv. U. L. Rev. 1085 (1992).
  • Mediating Consumer Complaints (chapter in Duffy, et al., eds., Issues in Community Mediation (Guilford Press: 1991)).
  • The Limited Legitimacy of SEC Attorney Discipline: Defining the Commission's Role and Exploring Alternatives (chapter in ABA Section of Business Law, Selected Articles on Federal Securities Law (American Bar Association: 1991)).
  • Consumer Problems and ADR: An Analysis of the Federal Trade Commission-Ordered General Motors Mediation and Arbitration Program, 1990 J. Dispute Res. 267.
  • The Talismanic Use of Incomprehensible Writings: An Empirical and Legal Study of Words Displayed in TV Advertisements, 33 St. Louis U. L. Rev. 285 (1989).
  • Monetary Damages for False Advertising, 49 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 1 (1987).
  • Controlling False Advertising: A Comparative Study of Public Regulation, Industry Self-Policing and Private Litigation, 20 Ga. L. Rev. 1 (1985).
  • Current Consumer Complaint Research: Suggestions for its Context and Focus (chapter in American Bar Association Special Committee on Dispute Resolution, Consumer Dispute Resolution: Exploring the Alternatives (1983)).
  • Shortcomings of Administrative Agency Lawyer Discipline, 31 Emory L. J. 535 (1982).
  • Seller's Choice: Common Problems and Rare Litigation (chapter in Gambitta, et al., eds., Governing Through Courts (Sage Publications: 1981)).
  • When Consumers Complain (Columbia University Press, 1981).
  • Consumer Response to Unsatisfactory Purchases: A Survey of Perceiving Defects, Voicing Complaints and Obtaining Redress, 11 Law & Society Rev. 701 (1977) (co-author).
  • Consumers Complain - Does Business Respond?, co-authored with Alan Andreasen, 55 Harvard Business Rev. 93 (vol. 4, 1977) (co-author).
  • Governmental Facilitation of Consumerism: A Proposal for Consumer Action Groups, co-authored with Bernard Brown, 50 Temple L. Q. 253 (1977) (co-author).