Checklist for Volunteer Legal Experience

A Volunteer Legal Experience is one way to satisfy the Public Service Requirement. It allows a JD student to perform 50 hours of supervised, uncompensated legal work, at a government agency, judicial chambers, nonprofit organization, or private firm, as long as the work at the firm is pro bono.

You can find an opportunity at a nonprofit, government agency, or judicial chambers on your own, or through the Legal Externship Program.

You can find a pro bono opportunity at a private firm on your own, or through the Pro Bono Research Project.

A Volunteer Legal Experience requires:

Completing a Volunteer Legal Experience is beneficial for those students who are not planning on satisfying the Public Service Requirement through other opportunities (please see Ways to Satisfy the PSR for a complete listing of the methods in which you may satisfy the PSR) AND for those students who already engaged in work that would satisfy the PSR while enrolled as a JD student provided it was after the completion of their first year (day or evening).

Review the Checklist for important notes about the Volunteer Legal Experience.