Students intending to satisfy the Public Service Requirement through a Public Interest Practicum, are required to add themselves to the Public Interest Practicum waitlist on Banner and submit the Public Interest Practicum Intent Form.

Before submitting the form, please review the options for completing the Public Service Requirement to determine if you should pursue the Public Interest Practicum.

Once a student submits an Intent form, he or she will receive an email explaining what paperwork is required for enrollment. Once the student submits the appropriate paperwork, the student’s name will be removed from the waitlist, and the student will be enrolled in a Public Interest Practicum.

Please note:
A student may earn no more than 15 hours of academic credit from externships during law school (unless participating in the Semester in Practice which allows for 19 credit hours). Externship credits are considered out-of-class credits, and a student may earn no more than 25 out-of-class credits toward their JD degree. Your 1 credit PIP will count against both the 15 credit externship limit and the 25 credit out-of-class limit.