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Survey of Employment Law

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Douglas Sanders

Adjunct Professor

Doug Sanders teaches Survey of Employment Law, with an emphasis on practical skills and methods. This course includes the employer-employee relationship in the individual and collective contexts, employee benefits, and workplace discrimination and retaliation, and highlights the practical nature of the representation of the employer- or employee-client. He is also a certified mediator in the State of Colorado, and has mediated cases on behalf of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. Prior to that, he was a solicitor representing the Secretary of Labor in Mine Safety and Health Administration cases before that Commission.

“Prior to moving to beautiful Colorado, Doug was an attorney at Friedman & Anspach, a Manhattan boutique law firm representing labor unions and their members in disciplinary grievance arbitrations, as well as ERISA multi-employer benefit fund trustees. Doug is also the treasurer for the Democratic Whip of the Colorado House of Representatives. He received his J.D. in 2005 at the University of Michigan Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (concentrating on piano composition and performance) in 2003, also at Michigan.