The Sturm College of Law Professional Mentoring Program will pair you with an attorney-mentor during your 1L year. Once assigned a mentor, you and your mentor will engage in monthly meetings to discuss topics suggested by the program.

We hope that you will use your mentor, and any opportunities you may have to speak with other mentors in the program, to: (1) absorb the culture of the legal profession; (2) gain perspective about what lawyers do; and, (3) see how the substantive law you learn in class is applied in the “real-world.” Finally, and most importantly, we hope that the program will help you develop strong networking skills. Networking skills are attainable through personal effort and practice. These skills will likely contribute more to your future success as a lawyer than any other factor.

To participate in the Program, please complete and submit the Student Application. Before doing so, please read the Info for Students tab to learn more about the Program and your commitment.