The Program’s required meetings are held during the academic year. The date, time and place of each meeting is established by the mentor and the student. The initial contact should be made by the mentor. If you find you need to change a scheduled meeting, please contact your student as soon as possible. Law students have busy schedules, too.

In addition to the topic meetings, mentors and students are asked to attend an orientation meeting and the end of the year reception. Mentors are encouraged to communicate with their students frequently. If you find your schedule precludes you from continuing in the Program, please contact the Program Coordinator at

The amount of contact between a mentor and a student varies greatly. Many mentors and students discuss the suggested topics and meet more frequently to discuss other issues. Others meet as suggested. The frequency of meetings other than the topic meetings is totally up to the mentor and the student.

As a mentor, you can choose to be assigned a first year student, a second year student, or third year student. Information you provide in the “Mentor Application” will be used to match you with a student. Absent unusual circumstances, you will be paired with your student during his or her law school career and, hopefully, your relationship will continue thereafter as your student transitions from law school to practice.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete and submit the “Mentor Application.” After submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Information about your student and the schedule will be forwarded as soon as possible (usually in late August or early September).