Q: Do I have the same mentor or student during the student’s law school career?

A: Generally, yes. However if for some reason the relationship doesn’t work out, either a student or a mentor may request a new assignment either during the first year; at the end of the first year; or during the second year of law school. Sometimes the student’s interest area will change which could precipitate the need for a different mentor. To request a change of assignment, please fill out the migration form.

Q: Will I be matched with my mentor or student in some way?

A: Yes. The Professional Mentoring Program will attempt to match students in one of several ways, including interest area, size of firm or business, gender or otherwise based on information from the mentors and the students.

Q: Are there diversity mentors?

A: Yes. Any diversity student may request a diversity mentor. If a diversity student does not specifically request a diversity mentor, the student will be assigned a mentor based on the stated interests of the student. The Professional Mentoring Program works with all of the diversity bar associations in the Denver metro area. A student should indicate any diversity preferences on their student application.

Q: Who initiates the first contact?

A: Mentors are asked to initiate contact with students at least for the first semester. After the mentor-student relationship has begun to develop, either mentor or student may contact the other.

Q: Are mentors and students required to discuss the suggested topics during their meetings?

A: Mentors and students are encouraged to discuss the suggested topics, but mentors and students are free to discuss other topics as they mutually agree. Topics might include more practical aspects of a legal career, class selection, the bar examination, networking and similar topics.

Q: May mentors and students meet more frequently than the suggested schedule?

A: Yes. Mentors and students may meet as often as they mutually agree. Meetings also don’t have to have a specific topic. For example, the mentor and the student might attend a bar association section meeting.

Q: Does the Professional Mentoring Program continue throughout law school?

A: Yes. The Professional Mentoring Program is designed so that a student will have a mentor throughout his or her law school career. Mentors are even more important as a student nears the end of a law school career and networking opportunities become more critical.

Q: What happens if I don’t hear from my mentor or my student?

A: Sometimes communications between mentors and students break down. If so, try contacting your mentor or your student again. If there is still no response, please email The Program will try to resolve any problem.