FTC Settles with Twelve Companies Falsely Claiming to Comply with International Safe Harbor Privacy Framework, 01/21/2014, _www.ftc.gov
Twelve U.S. businesses have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they falsely claimed they were abiding by an international privacy framework known as the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor that enables U.S. companies to transfer consumer data from the European Union to the United States in compliance with EU law.

Ie: High Court orders Quinns to reveal passwords to receiver, 11/10/2012, www.pogowasright.org
In an interesting decision the High Court (Kelly J.) yesterday ordered that members of the Quinn family must provide passwords to personal email accounts and other information to the receiver appointed over their assets by the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation.

Government of Malta proposes inclusion of digital rights in Constitution, 10/11/2012, www.pogowasright.org
The government has presented a White Paper proposing the inclusion of digital rights in the Constitution as a means of introducing new rights to internet access, accessing information online, online freedom of expression, and the right to informational self-determination.

EU court: Social networks can’t be forced to monitor users, 02/16/2012, news.cnet.com
The European Union’s highest court says social networks cannot be forced to monitor users just to stop piracy.

FTC Welcomes a New Privacy System for the Movement of Consumer Data Between the United States and Other Economies in the Asia-Pacific Region, 11/16/2011, www.pogowasright.org
The Federal Trade Commission welcomed the approval by the forum on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) of a new initiative to harmonize cross-border data privacy protection among members of APEC.

Where in the world are there data protection laws?, www.pogowasright.org, 10/30/2011
I stand in awe of how much some folks accomplish. Dave Banisar alerts me that he has updated the global map showing which countries have comprehensive data protection laws. The number is now up to 70.

Contract worker stole all Israelis’ personal information, 10/24/2011, www.jpost.com
Information was used to create searchable database with sensitive information of every Israeli, living and deceased; computer technician put the database on the Internet for anyone in the world to access.

Privacy commissioner of British Columbia issues guidelines on using social media for background checks, 10/14/2011, www.pogowasright.org
The Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia has issued guidelines to assist organizations and public bodies using social media sites to conduct background checks of prospective employees, volunteers and candidates.

UK Spring: Has Twitter Ended the Reign of the Super Injunction? , 08/17/2011, www.news.bna.com
Who would have imagined that the same online social media that some people use to announce their cat’s birthday could bring down repressive regimes?

Germany Probes Facebook Facial Recognition, 08/04/2011, www.pcmag.org
German data protection officials have requested that Facebook disable its facial recognition software and delete any previously stored data.

Database of All UK Children Launched, 05/18/09, www.slashdot.org
“‘A controversial database which holds the details of every child in England has now become available for childcare professionals to access.

Privacy Concerns Over Google On the Rise In Germany, 11/03/08, www.slashdot.org
After protests from several sources, major German news site Spiegel Online has dropped Google Analytics.

US Olympic Tourists Warned About Monitoring in Hotels, 03/21/08, www.breitbart.com

Privacy Experts warn of ‘Ambient Intelligence’ Risks, 02/06/08, www.pogowasright.org

Mind the GAPP: Accountants bring GAPP-like Principles to the Privacy Sphere, 12/06/07, www.pogowasright.org

Robert Ellis Smith: Scary Stuff, 11/28/07, www.pogowasright.org

European versus American Liberty: A Comparative Privacy Analysis of Antiterrorism Data Mining, 11/23/07, www.pogowasright.org

Towards a Right to Privacy in Transnational Intelligence Networks, 11/23/07, www.pogowasright.org

Research Shows Employee Privacy is at Risk, 2/23/07, www.itbusiness.ca

Nationwide Fined Over Stolen Laptop, 2/14/07, www.therestiger.co.uk

Smile, You’re on Big Brother’s In-Plane Camera!, 2/14/07, www.engadget.com

Judge Stops Brit from Selling Hotmail Lists, 12/18/06, www.news.com

Stark Difference in E.U., U.S. Privacy Laws, 10/18/06, www.msnbc.com

European Court Rules Airline Passenger Data Deal is Illegal, 5/30/06, www.technewsworld.com

China Blocks VoIP for Two Years, 3/22/06, www.australianit.news.com

Computer Virus Fells Russian Stock Exchange, 2/3/06, www.techdirt.com

German ISPs Can’t Retain Data But Europe Says They Must? , 1/26/05, www.techdirt.com

Little Red Book Draws Government Attention, 12/17/05, www.asia.cnet.com

Malaysia Lets Drivers with Camera Phones Turn in Bad Drivers, 11/21/05, www.techdirt.com

New Law Drives IT Security Spending in Japan, 9/09/05, www.asia.cnet.com

UK Looking at GPS-Based Driver Taxation, 6/6/05, www.techdirt.com

Smile: You’re Under Global Surveillance, 4/22/05, www.theregister.co.uk

Microsoft Files Eight More COA Lawsuits, 4/12/05, www.technewsworld.com