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Student Wafa Ben Hassine presents at SHARE Beirut Conference

January 11, 2013

Studnet Wafa Ben Hassine presented her talk ““The Law: What’s Your First Reaction?,” at the SHARE Beirut conference on November 17, 2012. Click here for the video of her presentation.

Nanda Denver Post Op-Ed: When Corporations Abuse Human Rights

January 11, 2013

View Professor Nanda’s Op-Ed piece at:

Nanda quoted in India Post

January 11, 2013

Read Professor Nanda’s comments in India Post’s article “India, China moves influence world.” You can find the article here.

Korbel School hosted lecture on “Radical Readings of Islam.”

November 16, 2012

The Center for Middle East Studies hosted a lecture at the Korbel School of International Studies on November 15th. At the lecture Andras Riedlmayer, of Harvard University, presented “From the Balkans to Bamiyan & Timbuktu: Radical Readings of Islam and the Destruction of Heritage.” Mr. Riedlmayer directs the Documentation Center for Islamic Art and Architecture at Harvard’s Fine Arts Library, documenting the visual culture of all parts of the Islamic world, supporting instruction and research in these fields and providing reference services to local users and visiting scholars.

45th Annual Sutton Colloquium hosted by the Ved Nanda Center

November 11, 2012

On November 10th the Ved Nanda Center hosted the 45th Annual Sutton Colloquium at the Sturm College of Law. The Center hosted numerous local, national and international legal and environmental experts to discuss this year’s topic: Approaching the Limits of Growth in the 21st Century – Sustainability v. Sustainable Development. The experts shared their perspectives on how “best” to preserve our earth for future generations, and addressed numeorus topics including: the effectiveness of the rule of law and rule of law initiatives such as the World Justice Project; the contrasting proposed approaches to the global environmental crisis, focusing on the advantages and shortcomings of each paradigm; and the future direction of international environmental law as we approach the limits of growth.

The Leonard v.B. Sutton Colloquium in International Law was named for a former Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court who was a close friend and longtime supporter of the International Legal Studies Program. Held annually since 1967, the Colloquium unites students, faculty and members of Denver’s legal community. Well-known authorities and foreign dignitaries present lectures and panel discussions on current international issues.

You can find out more about the Sutton Colloquium here.

Fundraiser amasses over $5,000 for energy work in Namibia and the Navajo Nation

October 26, 2012

On October 16th, the International Law Society along with NRELS, LULS, FARM, and ENRLP hosted “DU Lights the Night,” a fundraiser benefitting Elephant Energy. Elephant Energy’s mission is “to improve the quality of life in developing communities by pioneering ventures that provide access to appropriate sustainable energy technologies.”

Over 50 people attended the fundraiser at DU. Together with a competing fundraiser at CU, the events raised $4,172 for work on the Navajo Nation and $1,286 to support our women entrepreneurs in Namibia, for a total of $5,458.00.

Korbel School hosted Creighton University’s Dr. Calvert to lecture on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

October 25, 2012

On October 24, the Center for Middle East Studies and the Korbel Faculty Lecture Series on Religion and Violence brought John Calvert, of Creighton University, to speak. Dr. Calvert delivered his lecture entitled “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Between Ideology and Political Pragmatism”.

Dr. Calvert studies social protest and political resistance movements in the modern Middle East. He is especially interested in the ways by which opposition groups and individuals employ symbols, doctrines and vocabularies derived from the Islamic heritage. His research focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood, with particular reference to Sayyid Qutb; jihadi organizations and ideologies; and the intersection between Islamism and nationalism.

Student Wafa Ben Hassine pens editorial on human rights abuses in Tunisia

October 22, 2012

Read her article on CNN here:

Wafa Ben Hassine is a writer and human rights advocate pursuing an international legal studies degree at the University of Denver. Wafa has previously worked as a parliamentary attaché in Tunis.

Prof. Laura Rovner: Ruling from European Court ignores solitary confinement realities in U.S.

October 15, 2012

Read Prof. Rovner’s article here:

Law School enters agreement with Trial Chamber of Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

October 12, 2012

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law is privileged to announce that its International Criminal Law Practicum has entered into an unique agreement with the Trial Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) to provide analysis and research in compliance with the ECCC Internal Rules. The Trial Chamber is currently hearing evidence in Case 002, which involves three leaders of the 1975-1979 Khmer Rouge regime – Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary and Khieu Samphan – facing charges that include crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

The Tribunal’s website is located here.

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