“Tale of Two Communities” in Denver’s downtown, by 3L Ty Nagamatsu

January 22, 2016

In last November’s issue of The Docket, Denver Law 3L Ty Nagamatsu (pictured below) explored the role lawyers play in managing tensions existing in the Five Points/Ballpark area between Denver’s homeless population served by the Denver Rescue Mission and businesses and residents increasingly drawn to this popular downtown neighborhood. Ms. Nagamatsu is a student attorney in Denver Law’s Community Economic Development Clinic (CEDC), where, under the direction of Assistant Professor Patience Crowder, students “are exposed to a variety of social systems that impact their clients and are encouraged to think reflectively about the nature of transactional advocacy in the public’s interest.” In her article, Ballpark Neighborhood: A Tale of Two Communities, Ms. Nagamatsu writes that “it is important for those in leadership to consider alternatives to litigation that promote thoughtful community engagement. Creative, transactional attorneys should be able to bring everyone to the table to find good solutions for all parties involved.”