Margaret Kwoka Wins SALT Teaching Award

October 10, 2014

Margaret Kwoka, assistant professor at Denver Law, received the SALT Junior Faculty Teaching Award at the Society of American Law Teachers 2014 Teaching Conference. The award, given for the first time, honored Professor Kwoka as “an outstanding, recent entrant into the legal academy who demonstrates a commitment to justice, equality and academic excellence through teaching.”

SpearIt, Associate Professor at the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, presented the award, offering these words:

“I served as the chair of the selection committee for this award and saw firsthand how our winner impressed the entire committee. For its very first selection for this award, the committee wanted to set a high bar wanted to set a high bar, and in doing so unanimously chose Professor Margaret Kwoka from the University of Denver.

“Professor Kwoka was selected from a pool of 12 strong nominations. To the committee her work embodied SALT’s commitment to teaching excellence, social justice, and diversity.

“She impressed the committee by demonstrating:

• a deep commitment to teaching social justice concepts, focusing on diversity and access to justice;
• strong support for students outside the classroom; and
• scholarship that aims to improve student education and further social justice teaching.

“Testimony to her approach in the classroom is found in these comments from a student:

Professor Kwoka did not show up, teach, and go home. She imbued even the most abstract and dry legal concepts with significance, showing her students that law does not exist in a vacuum, but, on the contrary, has great consequences upon individual lives’ and should be used as a tool to improve those lives.

“From another student came these words:

Civil Procedure certainly is not one of the glamour subjects of law school, but through the use of interactive exercises and small group discussions, Professor Kwoka conveyed the importance and significance of civil procedure in litigation. As a litigator, taking Professor Kwoka’s classes had an undeniable impact on the attorney I turned out to be.

“I could go on describing more about her. But I am here to say that SALT stands proud in awarding Professor Margaret Kwoka the First Annual Junior Faculty Teaching Award. Congratulations!”


SpearIt (Thurgood Marshall School of Law), Olympia Duhart (Shepard Broad Law Center), Margaret Kwoka (Denver Law), and Ruben Garcia (UNLV Law)