Faculty Highlights for Prof. Ved Nanda

March 29, 2013

Below please find an extremely abbreviated account of Professor Nanda’s recent accomplishments:

Jan 6, 2012: Received the Special Award given biennially by the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin in Jaipur, India

“International Law and Human Rights – Recent Developments” Human Rights Forum, Orlando FL

“The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ – An Emerging Norm of International Law – Is the International Community Ready for it?” Aspen Institute, Aspen

Chair and Presenter at the Biennial Congress o f the World Jurist Association on the Law of the World, Prague, Czech Republic

“Educational Exchanges Between India and the US,” India-US Education Summit, Pune, India

“Global Interdependence, Human Rights, and International Law” The Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue, Boston.

Delivered 22nd Panchnad Annual Lecture at the Panchnad Research Institute, Chandigarh, Punjab, India: “Geo-Strategic Challenges Facing India.”

Expert Witness on the Act of State Doctrine in Marcos case humans rights class action litigation before the Singapore Supreme Court